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  1. It's a McCann Duet by Lachenal. Lachenal got the right to use McCann's patent, as the inventor was a performer rather than a manufacturer. To decide on a price to ask, you would need to check whether it's in modern pitch and whether it works properly. The exterior looks in ok condition, and the remains of the original gold stamped straps are there, and should be retained. 

  2. I have one. The two mics are very directional. When you connect them to a computer, a combination of key presses turns them into a USB drive and you just move the files as you wish. They only allow you to listen to your recordings in a minimal way directly on the device. You may need some time to find out how to position them to record satisfactorily. I have done a few recordings of groups playing, only to find that some instruments were inaudible. A small recording device with an omnidirectional mic might be better.

  3. 3 hours ago, Lefruss said:

    Thank you for answering. To tell the truth, someone told me, "I don't recommend Elise or Stagi. Look for a used one.".

    That's why I was looking for a used Concertina, but if you don't mind, I will buy Elise or Stagi.

    Fair enough. I have a 48 button MacCann from Lachenal dated 1896 available, restored and in modern concert pitch. But the price would be US$1,900.

    (The date is on a badge on the concertina end showing the date that it was given as a prize.)

  4. I can sell you a Stagi Hayden for US$850 plus cost of shipping from Hong Kong. It was set up by Button Box and sold new in  2010 for US$995. But the case is no longer available.


    The instrument is in original condition. The Stagi Hayden implementation is not a full one, but it has most of the notes you need. It is still rather stiff to play. Not a great instrument, but ok for a beginner.


    Discussion here: 

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