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  1. Hi All Thanks for all your advice and help, we are going to take up Dave Robertson's to asses Sandy's concertina. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi, I am very glad to have found this place, I am in dire need of advice and help. I have to say right away that I have no musical background, and no experience of any musical instruments least of all concertinas. While clearing out a cupboard at her father’s my partner Sandy came across an old concertina in its case that she had never seen before, on questioning her dad he said “oh you can have that, it was my grandfathers” This old instrument has probably not been out of its case for more than fifty years, as neither her father nor grandfather ever learned to play, Ok she thinks, time I learned play, can you repair it for me? No problem I say, you can learn anything from the “wib-wob” Well what we found was this ………… A Jefferies concertina from about 1890 – 1900, I told Sandy that it may be quite valuable and restoration by an amateur may slightly devalue it, she said “oh good when its working I’ll have a nice instrument to learn on and its value is irrelevant as it was great grandfathers”! Ok I need a little help and advice please, I have done a fair amount of research on the wib-wob and also read Dave Elliot’s book and we have decided to go ahead and do a full restoration. Despite my earlier statement I am very confident that I have the skills to do the work to a high standard. This is the plan End plate and action pan :- Repair some veneer chips. Structural repairs to joints. Q. is it a good idea to reinforce the corners with small fillets? Pad clearance may be an issue here. Q. considering the age should I use modern wood glue or hide glue? Replace everything, except, lever arms, pivot posts and keys. Q. I want to remove the pivots to reduce the side movement of the arms should I refit them with a little glue? Reed Pan :- Clean and de-rust reeds. Q. is there any rust remover that is safe to use, and any way to stop the reeds rusting in the future? Replace all valves. New gasket. Q. anyone know a source of good quality leather? Bellows ends :- Replace missing reed pan supports. New gasket. Q. see last question Bellows :- The bellows seem to be in remarkably good condition with no apparent leaks but a bit stiff and very dry. Do they look original? Q. Once Sandy starts playing and considering all the rest of the work to be done would it be better to replace the bellows with new? Would this make the instrument easier to use? Tuning :- Errr ………….find an expert!! I know this is a rare find and quite valuable but are we right to completely restore it? I’m sorry this is such a long post but I hope to avoid as many errors as possible, the only way I can do that is to pick your brains! Many, many thanks Steve Many, many more photos here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0A-wFOrMHXXeUJsWjFWcnR3R28&usp=sharing
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