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  1. Hi does anyone have the up to date contact details for Mike please?? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm after help. I have a 48 button Rock Chidley (as it says so on the bellows papers). I have the box it came in which has a label saying; W. Davies Manufacturer and importer. This label is also on the concertina itself. I have dated it to 1860's. But I am unsure to what it is worth. The only other one I found which is simular needed a lot of work doing to it. As its an old concertina I'm not sure if it should be collected or restored and played. Any help to with W.Davies as I can't find anything on them. Please see the pictures I have attached. Thanks for any help.
  3. hi guys I'm looking to buy a mini English concertina but the only ones I can find are out of my price range Can anyone point to anywhere that I might be able to buy a secound hand one please as I can't seem to find any Thanks for looking
  4. If payment isn't made I would love to buy it from u but I'm in england
  5. Hi I'm interested but wondered do u have any pics please and how much to post to england Thanks
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