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  1. This Concertina has been sold and a donation has been made to the concertina.net forum
  2. Hi all, I bought this Concertina back in February 2015 from Chris at Barleycorn Concertinas but haven't played it more than maybe 10 times and it is in exactly the same condition as when I got it. It has been carefully stored in my wardrobe ever since last year April (sadly). The Concertina bug just never bit me When I got it it had just been freshly restored with new pads, strapes, valves and tuned to concert pitch. It is a mahogany Lachenal with bone buttons, mahogany ends, steel reeds and 5 folds bellows. It has a repaired crack in the right hand end and some wear marks (I have no clue how old it is though). It plays nicely and is a great instrument for beginners, especially for Irish music due to it having 26 buttons. I'll include a softcase and (if wanted) my Concertina tutor books for free (The Anglo Concertina, Absolute Beginners by Chris Sherburn, The Irish Concertina vy Mick Bramich, Easy Anglo 1-2-3 by Gary Coover). The Concertina is located in Vienna, Austria, and can be played, looked at and picked up there. I'm willing to ship it internationally but I will have to look up fees for that first depending on the country. Asking for 700£ + Shipping. Please feel free to ask any questions. Edit: Added more photos here:
  3. Hi Ruediger, No I'm not, I wasn't aware of the German forum (shame on me, as I already have been on the site before looking for concertina buying advise) - I will signed up later today, thanks for pointing it out!
  4. Hi all, sorry for replying so late! Hope you all had a happy easter! Thanks everyone for their helpful hints and advise. My problem is that i'm not aware of any concertina players around here (southern Germany - do you know anyone?), so I can't have it checked by a more experienced player sadly I'm quite sure by now it's my playing style though. That might be the problem, thanks John! Also is a very good advise (thanks Mike!). I'm just staring to get more fluent on my first few tunes and I'm really trying to stop doing the "press Button - draw - press button - draw more" thing when I have more notes in one direction. It's interesting though, I thought I would be struggling more with the fingering but what I really struggle with is the bellows control.
  5. Hi there, I've had my Concertina for about two weeks now, so this might be a common beginner's problem, but it's really annoying me right now. When I play more than 3 notes on the pull, I'm always out off... well, concertina. I have an old Anglo Lachenal with 5 fold bellows, so there should be enough space. I don't have the same issues on the push. I'm a bit worried my bellows might be a bit leaky (Concertina doesn't stay completely airtight folded) I've been wondering if any of you have some advice on how to use less bellows. On all of the videos I've been watching, no one even seems to pull their Instrument as wide open as I do. Or is this due to playing too slow? I also noticed that I do play quite staccato somtimes (pull a little for every note instead of continously pulling - I've been wondering if that was the issue) And speaking of that - how do I use the Air Button without having too much of a gap in the playing? Hope there're not too stupid questions here - sorry, I'm a complete beginner! Thanks in advance
  6. I ordered my copy on friday on Amazon and it just arrived - along with my concertina! Perfect timing Just getting a nice cup of tea and then I will start flipping through it.
  7. Hi Gary - thanks for your reply! I don't have it yet (it's an old Lachenal) but I know that i'm missing the high D#/C# and F/A on the right and the low Bb/A and E/F on the left (I think it must be A Wheatstone System Layout then, looking at those fingering charts). Are there some (not too complicated) tunes/songs I could play from your harmonic style book with that? I haven't had a look at your civil war book (because I know nothing about civil war concertina tunes) - but for 20 button sounds great for a beginner so I will check! And thanks for your offer! I will let you know - and I will definitively buy your new book when it's out Can you give a little overview over what you're going to teach us in there? I'm already super curious.
  8. Hi Gary (And hi everyone else, I'm new), I will get my very first concertina soon, and it's a 26-Button Anglo Lachenal, so I'm missing a few accidentals. I'm mostly interested in playing Irish Tunes so I don't think it will limit me too much in the first place - but I've stumbled upon your book and videos a few times now and learning the harmonic style sounds super interessting too ... just wondering if there are tunes/songs in the book I could play with my 26-Button Tina? Or should I just leave it till I upgrade to a 30 Button at some point? Very excited to hear you'll be publishing a beginners tutor soon
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