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  1. Missing compared to a standard key 48 the top end of the key range. Ranging from G (8) below mid C through D (41) two octave above mid C There is also the duplicate Ab / G# keys.
  2. I sell a Marcus English Concertina 37 Key. It was built in 2008 by Marcus , Newport Wales. Serial number 494. The Concertina is complete with case and it is in excellent condition. Price 1350 GBP or 1800 Euro. The concertina is located in Genoa - Italy. You hear its sound here: http://youtu.be/jOf8qtwlqwE http://youtu.be/E9p7CfmrUnQ http://youtu.be/aNeNJcOTSzo http://youtu.be/wJUcLNTXm2k http://youtu.be/wJUcLNTXm2k Please contact me on e-mail sirio.restani@gmail.com for pictures
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