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  1. By coincidence this is the same smart cookie who came up with the "rotary cellphone" project that has been circulating as a geeky meme the last few days: http://justine-haupt.com/rotarycellphone/index.html
  2. Idle thoughts: I'm wondering how it would be to combine the acoustic properties of metal plate reeds with the practicality of wax and wood reed blocks. For example, what if accordion reeds were waxed (or fixed some other way) onto a metal surface instead of wood? Would that sound like a metal plate reed?
  3. That's a good point. Well I might try one of those clip on contact mics that come with guitar tuners, maybe it can clip right on the zinc reed frame. Or an a resonant box.
  4. The suck method does also sound interesting, thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Thank you all for these interesting opinions! It sounds like consistency might be an issue with twanging, which is interesting in itself, does anybody know technically why this would be the case? I'm thinking of the violin played pizzicato on the high notes, it's a brief note but stable and presumably tunable (though of course a different pitch from the bowed note at the same position). If you think of the "jaw harp" there is harmonic instability from the twanging but is there pitch instability too? My background is not with reeds so these are new questions.
  6. Thank you for confirming it won't work! I think I see the tuner you mean. Is it polyphonic though? I've got some pretty good monophonic tuning software. What I liked about the Dirks is the ability to detect pitch on both of the 8ve reeds without removing them or blocking one off. Also, able to calculate the reference pitches for standards other than 440. I was impressed with the software, just a lot to spend on this particular instrument.
  7. This is a naive question about tuning! I'm looking at an old bandoneon that needs only spot tuning. Nobody local can really do it. I've tuned a couple of the outside reeds myself using the demo version of Dirk's software with pretty good results. For the inside reeds, I definitely need to remove the reed plate so it's more complicated. Presumably, I need a bellows, or even a table. I don't really have a shop or space to make one, other than kitchen table, so I'd have to purchase this. So I'm wondering is it possible to tune reeds without a bellows by twanging them on a resonant box like a tuning fork? Of course this would not accurately reflect the pitch when installed but then apparently neither does the external bellows. So, maybe, the procedure would be the same - 1) Use Dirk's to calculate the tuning adjustment for each octave set. 2) remove the reed plate, twang and adjust by the same amount 3) replace the reed plate and retest..... I have no idea if this is practical, hence the question. Cost factor - Dirks, 228 USD. Bellows from eBay, about 100 USD plus shipping. Of the two, Dirks actually seems most useful to me b/c of the ability to calculate both 8ve reeds at the same time.
  8. You are welcome! There is a phone app version which is very cool b/c you can play the notes! Removes all doubt....
  9. Steve I think you mentioned you could do the tuning yourself. I'd love to hear more about what's involved. I would not contemplate trying to retune a whole instrument but it would be very useful to be able to make small adjustments in a reed or two. Do you think that's a learnable skill on these kind of reeds?
  10. I don't know if you've found this already: http://bandochords.de/BandoChords/ Really breaks it down, easy to use. I'll probably end up with an Einheits 144 myself - there is a guy selling a couple of them over my way.
  11. Yes, my mistake I missed that it was Rheinische tonlage. I sincerely hope it's a double reed - it certainly looks big enough - you'll be all set to tango. I am looking for one of these myself and have just about given up. As far as teaching materials there is also a new set put out by the Argentine cultural agency Tango Sin Fin. They are very good but very advanced in parts. Some of it is free online.
  12. HI there, I know a few of us have owned or looked at the Harry Geuns basic model hybrid bandoneon/accordion. I'm generally happy with it but looking at getting Harry to upgrade the reeds - good but expensive! So I was thinking about upgrading other elements myself to save money if possible. - The buttons are a bit basic, screw in white plastic buttons. Is anybody familiar enough to say if these are standard and can be upgraded to something better looking? Would it help to post dimensions, thread etc.? - The bellows are also a bit basic. Let's say I could find a set of traditional bellows of the correct dimensions, good condition. Is it a difficult thing to replace bellows and get a good seal? Of course, if anybody knows of a used Harry Geuns with proper reeds, that would be even better but I don't think they come up much. Kind regards, Paul
  13. Nice! The people at the FB group "US Concertina Assoc" know a lot about these I think. Double, triple reed?
  14. Thank you, that looks exactly the same except this one is in black. Well, that and it doesn't work
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