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  1. I've listed my Wheatstone on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.u...-/221685506691?
  2. Just to let everyone know Ihave listed the Wheatstone on ebay. The link is: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheatstone-48-button-concertina-from-1851-/221685506691?
  3. I'm now considering listing it on "that" site but have no idea what I should either be starting it as or if someone wanted to buy it outright what it might be worth - any ideas?
  4. The 3265 is stamped into the wood rather than written. The reeds are brass. So Steve and Geoff - you are saying this could well be 1850 but a new Wheatstone label could have been applied if it had been back to them, at Charing Cross, for some reason.
  5. The number inside is 3265. I'm going to leave any potential work required to an expert and sell it. The only things that require any attention are two buttons that when depressed sometimes stick; at other times they spring back which would seem very minor.
  6. Thank you. I removed the six screws to reveal the serial number. Success!! Are these rare and/or valuable?
  7. Thanks for the two replies so far. I am a woodwind repairer so am adept at dismantling complex mechanisms on hugely expensive professional instruments so the removal of a few screws is not beyond me! I've uploaded three photos as suggested. The label will indicate the Wheatstone presence at that address and give an indication to age. I will proceed later with some closer examination - is there any particular end that might contain a serial number or is it the case of try one end first? Does the leather thumb strap prevent the removal of the end? The description of separating the sections of the action box confused me - where could I view photos of this detail. Anyway, I hope the photos assist in some way.
  8. I came across the Wheatstone that had been hidden away for some time though I'm not a player! There isn't the little plaque with a number on it like the ones I've seen in photos. I want to date it, and possibly sell it on, and have read the ends can be unscrewed to reveal the number but where will I find it? Hoping you guys can assist.
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