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  1. Kimric

    Minstrel Anglo

    A bunch of things are different. Better grade of reeds, better button material, better bellows and better construction (hardwood rather than plywood with celluloid skin).
  2. Not a bad idea to apply a tiny amount of lithium grease with a toothpick to the axle area where the guide rubs the arm since aluminum against aluminum wear surfaces do not fare well even with light use unlubricated.
  3. Kimric

    Who made this one? (British? German?)

    I have a 2 row one that is really similar. The brass action is similar to a wheatstone but the buttons are glued to the ends of the arms like a wood action instrument. bellows are pretty good quality and has a tag in the bellows from a store on Mongomery St. in San Francisco that is 50+ yrs gone.
  4. Kimric

    Does this case need work

    The lining is most likely just cotton velvet. Joannes won't have a very good selection but you don't need much so perhaps online might be better. https://www.fabric.com/home-decor-fabric-velvet-fabric.aspx Keep in mind that upholstery velvet will be slightly thicker (mm or so) so if your instrument is a snug fit take note.
  5. Operating Smythe's Accordion Center since 1997.

  6. Kimric

    Jeffries in B/F# (really!)

    I have been wondering about the interest in Anglo boxes in other keys. I have a supplier of 2 row Chinese models that are unique in that the reed blocks are removable like a conventional accordion,and that I have the entire stock of Weltmeisters old warehouse of reeds sitting on shelves in the back of my shop. B/C anglo anyone? These would sell for about $300 USD with the wandering button problem the have fixed.
  7. I get these new in the shop like this, so it is not always age related. I rebuild these as soon as I get them since it is a constant problem.