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  1. संगीत मेरा ध्यान है

  2. at first i thought he might be distressed but i think he genuinly is trying to join in
  3. am looking after a friends dog. Not sure if he's a fan or not. (only been playing a few months so this vid is for amusment) https://youtu.be/TvlIdKoFw_s
  4. 1 Remove screw. 2 Ram a matchstick WITH GLUE into the hole 3 Chop matchstick off flush with craft knife 4 Refit screw 5 Enjoy life! You can pack the hole and screw thread with Milliput and insert leave overnight to cure. the screw will come undone with a bit of effort leaving a perminent new female thread behind. Or contact concertina spares for replacement thumbscrews and inserts. Dave Thanks people. I shall try the glued matchstick and see how i get on
  5. sounds great. I knew about the Calstock gig -they tweeted in the week but not the Plymouth one. I'll come to both :-)
  6. hello good people i have a 30 button anglo. its a Bronwyn which i believe is made by Sutherland? Its my first concertina - i started learning a couple of months ago... Anyhow, in my experimenting, I played about with various strap settings and have now pretty much found one that i like... but Ive noticed that while playing the screw holding the right strap starts to come loose. I can keep tightening it but i'm concerned that sooner or later it will strip the thread from the wooden strap holder -hope that makes sense :-) So can anyone recommend a soloution please thanks :-)
  7. Send me a PM let me know where you are in Cornwall I am in Penzance. When I started to play Anglo I got a book from the library called Fooch it contalins most of the Cornish tunes with a CD. Bob hello Bob I've just started. Bought it on a bit of a whim less than a month ago but i think i may be hooked already :-) and I'm up the other end in a little village just outside Liskeard -I'll send you a pm. Hello Gary your book arrived today. Have had a quick leaf through it tonight and it looks like its going to be very usefull. How did anyone learn anything before the internet? :-)
  8. excellent :-) just placed my order for the book on Amazon. Had a look at your you tube playlist for the anglo in the harmonic... VERY inspirational. definately gives me something to aim for thanks
  9. Thanks Gary. I'll keep checking back with Amazon. Although I've been down here 20+ years apparently I'll always be an 'emmett' ( the Cornish word for incomer). Keen to learn some Cornish tunes, so thanks for that.
  10. ooh I think this is my first post on this forum! I have a Bronwyn (?) 30button and have been 'messing' about with it for a couple of weeks now. I like the sound of your tutor book but just had a look on Amazon UK and its out of stock! Have you sold out already
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