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  1. I'm heavily tattooed and at 60 the tattoos look considerably better than i do (I have a Hohner 4 stop melodeon tattoo but not a concertina.... yet ? )
  2. I love this. one of my fave Nina Simone tracks. The concertina playing is great. You must do more
  3. yup the hole on yours looks pretty much bang in the middle. I've emailed the button box just in case but I've bought a little bit of 6mm diameter delrin rod. I think i could make a button and that theres room to expand the existing guide hole. Got to be worth a go. thanks for your input ?
  4. here are my buttons. Are they like what you got from The Button Box? I'll pop off an email to them
  5. ok its been a few days now and no takers. I thought it might be so. Am I right in thinking the makers on this forum hand make each button? I'm going for 'plan B' which is a short length of 6mm delrin rod. initially i'll replace just the f#/D and see how that works out
  6. i have a Borinwood 30 button c/g amongst my small collection. I have pretty much stopped playing it in favour of a 30button g/d (which i play either along the row or as if it was a c/g ? )and an old 20button c/g lachenal, I realised that one of the reasons i have stopped playing it is because the buttons are only 5mm in diameter. Probably my lack of technique but when my left hand little finger reaches for the f# it often misses. I've just measured and my lachenal buttons are 6mm and on my g/d they are 6.5mm. I appreciate that this is not an instrument of any great quality but
  7. I'm slowly coming round to acceptance of music downloads Like most here (?) i was brought up on vinyl and eventually moved over to cd's. But when i look at how i actually listen to recorded music I realise its digitally. Even back in the days of cd's i would buy a cd then immediately copy it on to my computer. The physical cd would probably never get played again. In fact thats exactly what i still do. Sure I enjoy the little packet from Custy's or elswhere dropping through the door, often with a little note in but I'll take the cd out put it onto my computer and then the cd will go on the she
  8. You have a 20 button, youve been playing a while and youre looking to 'step up' so things to consider... there are PLENTY of Irish tunes available to a 20 button instrument. I play mainly ITM on a 30 button anglo and often wonder why i have all these buttons :-) theres loads of them I never use Have you considered say a 26 button lachenal? theyre often available for much less than a 30 button. Barleycorn Concertinas may be able to sort you out with one. lastly if i was going to buy a 'budget' 30 button I think i would go for the Rochelle. I've played a friends and it was ok. PLUS they
  9. its a low end instrument but many of us started out on similar and from there get the bug and get much better instruments.
  10. hola i think ive just started following you on instagram :-) I too do a lot of playing in a vehicle :-) Im probably going to get hung for this but..... I get the impression that in the UK at least many concertina players are, perhaps, of a generation that is not so familiar with the various social medias available.
  11. ahhh its the perennial topic I started on a Booringwood (?) 30 button c/g anglo. It cost me around £200 maybe a little more I think, new from Ebay. I'd never held a concertina let alone played one. I'd done a little reading around the subject on the interweb but obviously didnt know what i was doing. I played that box everyday for around a year or so, went to wccp events, slow music sessions and hung out with some very patient musicians Of course, eventually i bought a much better box costing nearly 10x as much and i very rarely play my old box -though i still own it. However my po
  12. Ive yet to see him in the flesh but i think ive bought most everything he's played on :-) I seem to remember him getting discussed on this forum last year when he was up for Radio 2's young folk musician of the year
  13. i dont have enough knoledge to know but im guessing that in this day and age such a thing would be relatively simple. Slight digression but I always wonder who buys stolen concertinas. The market must be pretty small (hopefully)
  14. to me standard music notation IS a form of tab. When i started playing i did use some of the other kinds of tab in various tutor books but there are SO many! so i decided to stick with 'conventional' written music. However i only really use written music when learning a tune and i. personally, dont consider a tune to be learnt untill i can play it from memory. I do learn tunes by ear too but i find this harder to do. I'm mainly playing ITM so mostly concerned with the melody. Sounds silly but I was at a workshop given by Ollie King ( a very good melodeon player) recently and the best bit of a
  15. I cant reccomend the Wolverton highly enough. Incredible value for the money and a very reliable and friendly guy to deal with. I recently took delivery of a g/d from him (as i already have a nice c/g) and i have to say I love it. Beautifully made and it sounds fantastic
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