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  1. Spotted this print in a pub the other night - titled Magpie Carnival by an artist named Mavis Harris ; dated 1986. Sorry it's not a very good image.
  2. Did the first one of these last year and it was great, very informative & helpful as well as being a good fun weekend. I'd definitely recommend it - I'm booked on the "More ..." weekend for October
  3. I'm surprised at how little difference there is there. I think the higher notes sound brighter with the metal ; but some of that could just be that I'm expecting that. Might have to arrange a "blind" listen to be certain
  4. I can thoroughly recommend John's lessons. I've found that one to one lessons are definitely more effective than group lessons ; and zoom works much better between two people than it does for a larger group.
  5. Here's my case - made by https://5star-cases.com/ that Mike mentions above. I've been very pleased with it. It's pretty heavy, especially with two concertinas in it ; but is sturdy enough to double as a seat on end.
  6. I've now had some positive experience with JamKazam as well .... a couple of very good sessions with a friend in west Norfolk ( some 50 miles away ) - latency around 22mSec which is pretty good. One of the weak points of the software seems to be it's ability to find other people to connect to ( I'm not really up for joining in with random jams with people ) .... but reading the forum posts from their developers I get the feeling they are struggling to keep up with the recent massive demand on the software ! Andrew
  7. It's more involved than just "install-and-go" - but certainly not massively complex. The instructions here https://thesession.org/discussions/44856 are really helpful. If you have a computer with a wired network connection ( ie not using wifi ), a microphone and some headphones - plus a bit of time - then it's worth a go ; as you can get it installed, configure your audio gear and check your latency. I got it working a couple of days ago to a friend who lives 50ish miles away and we had a play. We had a 20ms latency - which was very workable.
  8. I've had a little experiment with this - http://llcon.sourceforge.net ; but there is ( as pretty much expected ) too much latency on my internet connection here. I have two computers here - and tested with one running the server and a client ; and the second computer running just a client ..... but bouncing the traffic out to my ISP and back in. I'll just stick to swapping sound file recordings with friends Thanks for the thoughts ....
  9. Thanks for the thoughts. Think I’ll do some experimenting .... will let you know what happens
  10. Hello, Just wondering whether anyone has any successful experiences of playing tunes with others across an internet link ( eg as per a skype chat ) ? I suspect it's not possible ( or not cheap enough ) due to latency .... but as I'm busy removing sessions and playing groups from my diary I thought I'd ask .... Andrew
  11. You can do some level of batch editing tags ( never used labels ). From eg the “All scores” list ... do “edit” top right and select multiple files. Then “edit” on the row of options across the top of the list Which takes you to a “batch edit” dialogue where you can assign a tag to all files selected. Hopefully this makes sense, if it doesn’t, the let me know and I’ll have another go.
  12. Apologies if this is already “known”, but this painting https://www.ashmoleanprints.com/image/221380/william-holman-hunt-london-bridge-on-the-night-of-the-marriage-of-the-prince-and-princess-of-wales features what looks like a lad in a sailor uniform playing Concertina ( foreground .. about 1/3 of the way from the left ). Attached is a not-very-high-res enlargement. The original painting was apparently done in 1863/4.
  13. WCCP’s beginners residential weekend is now open for booking. October 12th to 14th at Quantock Lodge in Somerset ( UK ). Tuition for absolute beginners and post beginners on Anglo, English or Duet ; and an intermediate level concertina band. See http://thewccp.org/october-residential-weekend for full details including how to book.
  14. Price reduced -- now £2400 ( offers considered ) Andrew
  15. WCCP is once again running our free "drop in" at Sidmouth Folk Week. Anyone from complete beginners to experienced players is welcome to come and see us between 09:00 and 12:00 in All Saints Church Hall on Mon-Fri of Folk Week ( August 6th to 10th ) We are offering a Concertina band, Beginners try-an-instrument ( we have instruments people can try ) , and the opportunity to learn, teach, or simply chat about - concertinas of all systems. Do come along and see us
  16. For Sale -: My 36 Key Lachenal “New Model” steel reeded, metal ended Anglo in C/G - serial number 171898 It has conventional Lachenal accidentals - with an extra Bb/C#, F/G# and C drone on the left hand and F#/D#, F/G & Bb/G# on the right hand - see layout chart. The bellows, pads & valves and hand straps are in good order - it is ready to play. Comes with the original wooden case and a modern hard case if required Weight 1.3kg - excluding case(s) I have some more photos and can do some sound clips - please message me if you are interested It is located in Norfolk UK ; happy to discuss couriers / transport by mutual friends etc, or I will be at Sidmouth Folk Week. £2400 - offers considered If it sells through c.net then I will make a donation
  17. London & Glasgow / Edinburgh are definitely not my areas of expertise - but for Cambridge, I'd look at Paul Hardy's list since he lives around there.
  18. Do you know what area(s) you are intending to visit yet ... ? Might help with making local suggestions ......
  19. Here's the layout of my 38 key C/G - quite similar to those others shown here
  20. I asked someone from WCCP - but the name didn't ring any bells :-(
  21. Thanks Adrian. I was thinking about getting that note changed to something more useful, I’ll think seriously about that A. Andrew
  22. My Jeffries; like Adrian's; has Bb/G# on button 10 and F#/F on button 7c But this prompts me to ask - what do you have on button 1b - I have an F#/G# The pushed F# is obviously very useful .... but that pulled G# means I have two of those ( and the normal pushed one on 3a ) I'd be interested to learn what your instruments have ? Andrew
  23. There’s the “Concertina’s are cool!” Facebook group, a good number of people share things in there
  24. There are still a few spaces left on WCCP's residential weekend at Kilve in March ( 16th to 18th March ). There are workshops for each system tutored by -: English - Rob Harbron Anglo - Harry Scurfield Duet - Gavin Atkin Plus Concertina Band workshops led by Claire Wren Plus David Elliott will be leading repairs clinics and talks And Barleycorn concertinas will be visiting with a selection of stock Please see : http://thewccp.org/news/87-kilve-march-2018 for full details including how to book
  25. Hello, There are still some spaces available at WCCP's March Kilve residential weekend ( 17th -> 19th March 2017 ) Tutors this time are : John Kirkpatrick, Simon Thoumire, Iris Bishop & Claire Wren Full details can be found here : http://thewccp.org/kilve-residential-weekends; along with details of how to book. Andrew
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