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  1. Thanks everyone for help. I`ve just got the irrefragable answer as a useful link)! Topic is closed.
  2. I`ve got Wheatstone at home dating riveted reed period and know how it looks like outside and inside) If the number is lost there is the same number inside) left and right on the frame) Not this time with that instrument.
  3. No Marina, that R86 means Right side and Job number 86 ... so the 86 is a workshop number that all Wheaststones have as they pass through the factory and before they are alloted with a serial number at the end of production. This is a rivetted reed model which would suggest a date of 1880 - 1890 (approximately)... the wooden bases to the buttons also suggest that sort of date. The serial number would have been on a piece of paper that might have been glued into the little window on the left side or glued to a Baffle leather which is now missing. I have a wheatstone with no visible number but I did find it stamped onto the inside face of the side frames in the joint between the Pallet board and the top. So an examonation of all the woodwork may yet reveal a number. Happy Hunting, Geoff. Thanks a lot, Jeoff! The difficulty is that there isn`t a number anywhere !!!! It`s not the first instrument that I`ve seen!
  4. Dear Peter, sorry for my language) but where you`ve found roses and where chocolate? If you`re able to help, do it please, if not....please talk much more understandable to non English-spoken people) my problem is that I`ve got nothing)))))
  5. Me too) haven`t got any ideas about the price! This instrument isn`t still for sale now but just for understanding whats`it and how old is it...
  6. http://www.horniman.info/WNCMARC/C104A/PAGES/C1P0050S.HTM- is it from this page or there isn`t information about the instrument at all?
  7. Dear Concertina Folk, Could you help with dating of this instrument. If you`re inrerested, please post personal message. It`s very old but fully playable. Hasn`t got a case and need a repair. Warm and mellow sound) Inside is only R86
  8. Thanks everybody) Find new owner among concertina folk)
  9. More pictures of reeds and number inside and outside)
  10. Hello, dear concertina folk! Would you mind to look at this Wheatstone Duet?) Some pictures are avaliable) The owner asks for exchanging his old instrument (stil playable but not full) for playable Wheatstone 48-treble? If you`re interested, just ask yr questions. Ready to answer in details)
  11. It`s beyond belief! Would you call it FAKE? or just failed restoration? Only for parts: buttons and reeds? Oh Lord.....
  12. To opening the concertina. She tells that she`s never done it before and not going to do it! She only can make an mp3 to show how it sounds. Not much information. Give please your advice what to do best? Put it on Ebay, wait for someone who is ready to buy it as a venture or give up everything because nobody wants to run risks.
  13. One more picture of bellows and the owner has got a tutor by Alfred Edwards. That`s all for now, dear experts. She asks for 2500 GBP. What would you say about the price? Is it reasonable? I`ll give her every letter you write me even if the instrument is subjected to criticism because you`re the best here and do know the subject matter. Grateful for your help, dear folk.
  14. Dear experts! You`re great, actually! So many intersting details you give only having 4 quite good-quality pictures!!! It`s so impressive! I promise to know as much as only I can about the previous owner and the instrument. Just give me a couple of days and don`t drop to keep looking this topic! Appreciate it a lot!
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