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  1. Mikefule, Thank you very much for this information. It has been very helpful. Best, Mary
  2. Thanks, but according to the graphic provided with this used anglo, there's no E on the push either. My next step is to get more information from the seller.
  3. Could someone please post the open fifth chords for a G/D anglo? How does one do a C chord on the push? Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone, I bought my first concertina this fall and this site has been very helpful. Thank you. I'm working on 3/4 time tunes, mainly English ones. I can play melodies, but find chords very challenging. I've read 'Faking it' but need more help. Is anyone familiar with the 'Anglo Concertina Tutor Book' by Pip Ives? There is also the 'Anglo Concertina Course' from the Concertina Academy, but I couldn't find which key it is for. Am I correct in thinking that which key the tutor is written for is very important to a new learner with very little musical experience? Wou
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