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  1. Pleased to be able to report the parts have arrived ...with an up grade...thanks Mark.
  2. ...good to know he's still in business...I'll email him again.
  3. Hi, I,ve been trying to email Mark Lloyd-Adey without any luck ...can someone tell me if he is still in business please ?
  4. ....cheers Don...Daves book is winging its way here as I write, Bazza.
  5. Opening my recently acquired 20 key Lachenal revealed that some of the reeds have varying amounts of rust...I've since been learning whats involved in all the facets of restoration before jumping in. I'm wondering if I should get the reeds seen to before doing anything else ? my concern being that if there are any that aren't in tune and aren't salvageable are they readily replaceable ? The feeling I get from the reading I have done is that these "concertina " reeds are not made any more ?, correct ? or if they are, they cost an arm and a leg ? I imagine there are 2nd hand one out there? Bazza.
  6. ...and are there any Kiwi restorers , or are they extinct like our great flightless bird the Moa ?
  7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts...I am now putting an order together including your book Dave...Bazza.
  8. Since posting the above question , I have found David Elliots book for sale on line ...but I have also asked myself , should I even be contemplating restoration on my first ever concertina, which I am just been reliably informed is a 21 key Lachenal , I am a reasonably competent tinker - mechanic (Brit Bikes), so I suppose I am wanting some guidance about the job a competent amateur might do and the job a Pro would do . Which leads to another question, 'are there any restorers here in New Zealand ? I would only be doing pads, valves and bushes, and there is a small leak in one of the bellows corners... reed work ? no . I've just read there are restorers over the ditch in Oz , what might I expect to pay for a freshen up ? thanks Barry
  9. Hi, are there any books that deal with concertina repairs and maintenance ?
  10. Thanks for that Dowright, you've made my day
  11. Hello , I've been interested in concertinas for a while and yesterday I purchased one I found in a very sad state in an antique and collectables shop. It was a bit of a punt as it had no identifying marks apart from , " Steel Reeds " and " English Make " and "Trade Mark " stamped in a palm rest (?) it has 20 buttons plus the bellows filler .... when I arrived home, I took one end off it and found the number 177201 stamped inside. From what I've seen and read online , I'm hoping I have got a budget Lachenal from the 19 tens....I would appreciate your thoughts on that number...if it is worthy of restoration , I will do that , cheers Barry.
  12. ...I contacted him by private message Marcus, he's not well so may not be checking for messages here, Barry.
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