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  1. Not the best performance I know but I only picked the instrument up for the first time on Thursday so I'm pleased with it! 'Wild Mountain Thyme' on my new Crane Duet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KK3-xZOlM4
  2. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement! I've been thoroughly enjoying getting to grips with it for the past couple of days, here is a little video (with a fair share of bum notes!) to give you an idea of what it's like: http://youtu.be/9KK3-xZOlM4 @Gloscon: Thanks that's very kind @Chas: I accept your challenge! @Voyager: I've got Paul Hardy's regular tune book which has given me plenty to get started on - I'll check the Christmas one out later in the year It's good to hear others have used their concertinas in worship - Chris Algar was very pleased to tell me that mine is good Salvation Army stock so has pedigree for that kind of playing! Thanks all, Rich
  3. After several years of wanting one and many months of lurking on this forum I am finally picking up my first concertina from Chris Algar this afternoon! It's a 48 key crane duet which I will mostly use to accompany myself singing folk songs and to play at sessions with the occasional bit of busking. For my 'day job' I'm a church of England minister and often find myself in little country churches with no organist so I also hope to use it to accompany hymns from time to time (part of the reason I was quite keen on getting a Crane) I am a pretty versatile musician and play half a dozen instruments already but I haven't been this excited about learning a new one for ages! I will put some pics up one I've got it and I look forward to becoming more active on here in the future Rich
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