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  1. Just wondered if this is viable? I know 30 button cg Anglo is almost chromatic but is this key a no no? Hoping someone will save me hours to work it out as I'm a bit slow. Thank you. Sandy P.s. Any links to Gm patterns/scale on CG would be greatly received.
  2. A first concertina tune for me played on cg 30 button Anglo from Chris Algar. I'm a melodeon player really so this was a lovely new experience finding out that the concertina has so many options for arrangement etc. Very excited to be learning this instrument now if I can find the time to do so. Bit of hesitation and lack of left hand dexterity but a good reminder about learning an instrument. I liked this tune as a starter because it fitted so well. Apologies if not quite as written but done on memory. Looking forward to listening to those on here now http://youtu.be/9guSrFVJIJs Cheers Sandy
  3. Thank you all. I'm really happy with that. Just need to make sure i let 'Bertie' settle when we get there. I doubt we'll leave the house or garden shade when playing. Just need to buy a hard case now. Cheers, Sandy
  4. Hello there, I am new to forum having recently aquired a lachenal 30 button anglo which I have fallen in love with. I don't get much time to play so would love to take it on holiday with me to Majorca. Please can you advise on the following if possible ; Is it okay to take as hand luggage on plane or will the air pressure changes affect the reeds ? It will be staying in an air conditioned house and I'll be travelling there in an air conditioned car so hopefully that's ok? Any advice gratefully received wrt travelling with Concertina and packing etc. Thank you Sandy from the darkside P.S. I can't believe what lovely instruments these are and how much capability they have. I'll try and introduce the box on an old tune of the month as I've finally learnt two tunes. Very pleased with the tone.
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