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  1. Learning some old Jazz tunes. They sound so good on the EC.
  2. I read that news article about ebooks and if folks are reading E-books on laptops and tables I'm not surprized, it's like staring into headlights while reading. I read my books on a kindle and it's pure joy. Printed works are the best but I've got hundreds of books, sheet music and manuals on the kindle - it would weight a quarter ton. Linrose BTW - Is your tutor still in print?
  3. And if the terrorists demands aren't met in 24 hours, they will drop off ANOTHER accordion!!
  4. Wow! without the use of your thumb that looks really tough to play.
  5. Just guessing but perhaps those are novelty buttons (keys for special sounds: whistles, birdcalls, baby cries, etc.). For those Spike Jones moments during a song when you simply must have a 'Car Horn' (or something funny) to complete the performance.
  6. Maybe you should verify the notes with an electronic tuner (maybe you have already) but if the notes DONT match the photo you attached, then you definitely have a problem. Then as RWL said you'll have to perform some surgery...it doesn't sound like something done on purpose. Good luck
  7. "I have become obsessed with the door knockers of England. " HA! I thought you were going to launch into a rant about canvassers, sales people and religious groups waking you up on a Saturday morning. Now it sounds as though you are in dire need of a support group for unhealthy obsessions. The funnest post I've read on this forum.
  8. Whenever I feel like I've flattened, lost control or frustrated at stupid mistakes I run through the scales and a few exercises using a metronome. Increasing the speed when I'm able to do it perfectly 4-5 times in a row. Gradually pushing the speed as much as I can. That 'rushed & uncertain feeling' is diminished when I go back to regular playing and any feelings of improvement help keep me motivated during those low periods.
  9. I started out with a Jackie (last year), it's a great starter concertina. You won't miss those those extra keys for a while and getting just 30 keys under your control will take some time and effort. By the time you feel ready for an upgrade you'll have a better idea of the sound and feel that makes you want to keep playing.
  10. Take it to one of those big-box electronic stores or a Batteries-R-Us type store.
  11. If you start growing huge man-boobs I'll never touch a green concertina again.
  12. Well don't leave us hanging, what was it?
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