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  1. I am selling my C Jefferies 30 note C / G Concertina for £4,500. This rare instrument has recently received a £800 overhaul and is therefore in excellent working order. I live in South East London and can be contacted via E-mail at hodkinsonpeter@sky.com
  2. Maki Thanks for your advice - Bandoneon man
  3. Wolf Thanks for your reply. That's an avenue I had not considered. Bandoneon man
  4. I am an accordion player who has recently been left a C Jeffries C / G 30 note concertina by my late aunt. In addition to the 30 notes, it has an extra C button on the left hand side. Following advice I've just spent £800.00 on getting it renovated. It sounds very nice but I have a problem. As previously stated I play a unisonoric accordion with a Stradella bass system and also one with Free Bass. In addition to learning these instruments, I also play the trumpet and have just placed an order for a new bandoneon. As the concertina is bisonoric, I do find it a little awkard to learn and I am not sure whether I can ever find the time to become a proficient concertina player. What should I do? I am a little reluctant to sell it as it was a gift, but if I don't play it, why keep it. What sort of reasonable price could I put on it without being greedy? Bandoneon man
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