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  1. Following on from a very good suggestion from Steve Wilson I've spent an interesting afternoon setting up a Soundcloud page. Being a technology dinosaur, I had no idea what Soundcloud was - isn't it brilliant! When I get a decent mic sorted out I will post some new stuff. I've chosen this track as a test because, of all the varied music I've recorded, this is the piece I'm probably still the most pleased with and still play https://soundcloud.com/mart-bradley/handlel-triomp3 Played on Wheatstone Aeola no 26068 - anyone have an idea as to the date of this? hope the link actually works! cheers Mart
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for that and glad you liked the music. I totally agree with you about the video - and of course the sound quality isn't good either. The videos in this folder are shot on an ipad and really are just practice videos which we use for our own critique purposes. I posted the link so Randy - and all - could hear a different version of Round Midnight. I guess I'll post a proper link to the finished things once they're up on You tube - get Christmas out the way first!! have a good one Mart forgot - where are you in Australia? I lived there in the 1990's in Pambula Beach near Merimbula - great spot!
  3. Just viewed the preview videos - great stuff - I will have to order. I looked at some of the youtube things too. It always is wonderful to hear concertinas played in churches and cathedrals don't you think. cheers Mart
  4. Hi Randy It's great to hear you playing this number. It's been one of my favourites for years although I've only stated playing it recently. I'm hoping this posting works as it's the first one I've attempted. Here is a link to the "practice videos" on Dropbox. There's a Bach thing in here too. I put all the practice stuff in here so I can hear all the mistakes and bits that need sorting! I'll probably post these two pieces on Youtube when they're ready but thought you might like to hear my version of Round Midnight - I don't think there're too many of us playing it on the concertina! Here is the link - hope it works...... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t7iju5cdt3z1g3z/AAAv68Yb9tkPAi4vDtqDocd1a?dl=0 All the best Mart
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