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  1. And very nice it sounds too on your recordings, Randy cheers
  2. Hey, great - I'll see you in Chichester - look forward to it cheers
  3. It looks great in the pictures. I would imagine the taxes would be quite heavy if one imported it!
  4. I asked all my friends at last night's session this question and they all agreed that in my case it's the ugly sod option Cheers
  5. I would say you must take the concertina as hand luggage - there's no problem with pressure changes and I certainly wouldn't trust putting it in checked-in luggage!! I regularly take my Wheatstone TT to South Africa and the only interesting occurrences have been when going through security. I've had to open the carry-on case in several airports - I guess the internal workings look quite odd when going through the X-Ray machine. The security personnel in Dubai even insisted on me playing it on one occasion to prove it was operational - hilarious at 2.00 in the morning! cheers Mart
  6. Hi P Sorry to take so long replying to this - yes, you're right on both points. I have to have my ears suctioned out every 5 weeks as I have a narrowing of the canals due to years of surfing in cold water. It's an interesting condition actually called "surfers ear" - there is another latin name I can't quite remember! I was amost deaf in the right ear when we did this so I was struggling and I used my very loud Aeola - just done on an ipad so not brilliant cheers Mart
  7. Hi Wolf, Thanks for that, glad you liked it cheers Mart
  8. Hi Steve - hope things are their usual laid-back self over there. The hornpipe is "The Wonder Hornpipe" hence Wonder/whoopee. you can find it here - https://thesession.org/tunes/337 cheers and beers Mart
  9. Hi Daniel Yes, that's the plan but it's just the usual old question of time and getting everyone sorted! The HD camera is ready but.....As soon as I get it organised I'll post a few things. Glad you liked the sound anyway cheers Mart
  10. Hi everyone - here is another "Practice video" - having a bit of fun with the old Eddie Cantor number, which seems to work well as a hornpipe!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/slgdciy2ca1ga19/Wonder%20Hornpipe%20-%20Makin%27%20whoopee.mov?dl=0 I played at a session a couple of weeks ago and an old lady in her late 80's (having a meal in the pub with her daughter and son-in-law) sang her way right through this. Used to be a professional singer and still sounded good - great fun. cheers and beers...
  11. Hey, the Pasty Gig sounds great. What is the date for this? I'm visiting friends in Cornwall from 26th... cheers
  12. Very Nice - happy new year, Wolf. I've just added these to my playlist for NYE,
  13. Lovely stuff. Such a rich, full tone.
  14. Just love the Sussex Carol. Best I ever heard live was by Shirley and Dolly Collins down here in The Old Punch House in Chichester - sadly no longer a pub! I can't help feeling most choirs sing it too fast. Mart
  15. Hi Randy - wow, drinking with Dex - would love to have met the guy - one of my favourites too. He has been inspirational as far as my own jazz improvising is concerned. just love his phrasing As far as a jam is concerned, it's not beyond reality - my daughter and her husband are posted to DC for two years starting 2015 so I will certainly be over for visits at some time - would certainly look forward to a squeeze! cheers Mart
  16. Hi Randy Really pleased you liked my rendition. It's always nice to listen to very different takes on the same tune. It was good to hear your version of "Summertime" too - I haven't played that in ages. My present project is working on "Blue Bossa" - very much based on the Dexter Gordon recording which you can see at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgwCddPksEM I love these Charles Margarit postings because he even puts the score up too - very thoughtful - brilliant for both playing along and developing ones own phrasing. I'll stick it on Soundcloud once I'm there!! (could be a while ) cheers Mart
  17. Hi Les Sorry to confuse you! It's a transcription by Frederik Hermann in G maj for violin and piano. You can find it at: http://imslp.org/wiki/Cello_Suite_No.3_in_C_major,_BWV_1009_%28Bach,_Johann_Sebastian%29 Pick the violin part and you can download the pdf. Just added - You are exactly right, Geoff! cheers Mart
  18. Hi Geoff You'll have a lot of fun with this I'm sure. It works well as a solo piece of course but I really like playing it with Martin Street, the guy in the practice video - classical guitarist playing, bouzouki. I have tried it with the piano part - I think by Frederick Hermann, who did the violin transcription I've got - but didn't like the two together for some reason, cant remember why. Do let me know what you make of it - no dodgy bits to tackle except the second section starting on the top f sharp. I tried several fingerings for this bit - arrghhh! cheers Mart
  19. Hi Geoff Really glad you like the offerings Yes, you're correct - cello suite n03 in C major. This is a version transcribed for violin and piano but it seems to work well with the bouzouki, which has almost a harpsichord quality It's a great piece to play. As I said to Steve earlier, these are really practice videos for "musical adjustment!!" so the quality is not good cheers Mart
  20. Hi Steve That is just so amazing -the whole of Australia and you're just up the road! Yes I frequented the Wyndham pub for several of the infamous lock-ins of the early 90's - I'm guessing they still happen! Also the Top Pub at Pambula. I taught at Eden High School so knew just so many people - great times. I should be over next year sometime cheers Mart
  21. Hi, Daniel - yes, it's me - still attempting to get the music right as you will see from the practice videos on the Round Midnight thread!! Just joined so enjoying getting to know everyone now retirement gives me the time - yayyy! Thanks for your comments, Wolf - and I love the minuet on English. I've always used the box as a solo instrument as one would a flute, violin or sax, especially with playing jazz so it's great to hear someone playing totally solo and including the harmonising chords - a path I've never ventured down. I'm currently doing some playing with a jazz trio - piano, bass, drums, which is brilliant, although we do change some of the original keys - improvising in E flat is not really an option!!!! Some of the fingering in the Bach Bourree is pretty much a nightmare - any one else tried it? cheers Mart
  22. Wow, 26 September 1913 Thanks very much for that, Graham and Geoff. I'll look up the others now.... cheers Mart
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