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  1. The Swallow is a box from Dublin. Purchased in 2016 but never played. I purchased a new concertina so this one can find a new home. In excellent condition. 900.00 plus shipping. I'm having trouble loading a picture, so contact me and I'll send them. Connie
  2. It just did! Thanks for breaking it in, I'll enjoy it. Connie
  3. Pretty much unused Concertina Connection Rochelle Anglo C/G for sale. I am not using it, so it must go. Asking $300.00 and I'll pay shipping. Can use Paypal. Tutor book and soft case included.
  4. Thanks to all who replied. I'm going to go with the Rochelle with the option of trading up. I've actually played one before and think for the money and the trade in value, it's a good deal for now. Connie
  5. I have $800.00 to spend on an anglo and wondered if anyone had a 30 button in that price range, or my other choice is to purchase a Rochelle to start and have trade in for a better one in time. I am definitely a beginner, but have learned my scales and can play a few tunes. Connie
  6. Here are some pictures. Comes with a Button Box fitted hard case.
  7. I have a Lachenal circa 1900 EC that I picked up because it was a good deal. I'd rather have the Clover as I'm learning Anglo. The Lachenal is fully functional and in very good shape. Any interest? Connie
  8. Depends on the instrument..also a harp player, Irish, Scottish. I've been playing Irish music on the Wren. Until I can afford a nicer one, I have no complaints with it. It's easy to play, in tune, all buttons work. Think I'm pretty well hooked on the concertina!
  9. I recently bought a Wren and had it shipped over for a decent price. I started on a Rochelle and found it too big for my hands and pretty stiff. I am finding the Wren easier to play and the right size for my hands. It is apparently assembled in the Irish Musik workshop and tweaked and tuned before sending out. I have no complaints with it as my starter box and hope to trade up for a nicer one when I can. Until then...it's been good to learn on.
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