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  1. Hello All, I am posting these for my Grandfather. He is a friend and co-worker of Jerry Minnar. Together, they have been hand building Concertinas in Montgomery, MN for over 15 years. (Grandma says since the early '90s) The clocks are 1/2 Scale replicas of the Hengel Concertinas. The clocks are hand made by my Grandfather at the same woodshop where they manufacture much of the full size Hengel Concertina. NO instruments were harmed in the making of the clocks! He asked me to take photos of them and I just really wanted to help him share his skills and passion. He is meticulous, and these
  2. HANDMADE Wooden Precision Hengel Concertina Clocks, Half Scale. Many colors available. (green, red, blue...) $350.00 USD Shipping only to U.S. ($30.00 shipping fee) Contact me for custom options, such as specific colored bellows, paint color to your liking, name plate can also be customized. Runs on batteries. Questions directed to sarahw_07@Hotmail.com serious inquiries only please True one-of-a-kind item, quality craftsmanship!!!!!!!!
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