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    Elastic band

    I use a suitable length of bungee cord tied into a loop. Use a good knot though - I recommend a double sheet bend.
  2. lachenal74693

    Why Give Up

    1) Different strokes for different folks - I think the melodeon is more difficult than the concertina... 2) Moi aussi - though it took me 40 years before the penny dropped, and I took up the concertina...
  3. lachenal74693

    Really a Crabb?

    You beat me to it - absolutely - I won't be paying any attention to Darnton's posts in the future - they are clearly garbage - I have at least 2 Lachenals which are very, very good indeed. Roger
  4. lachenal74693

    Hornpipe and polka rhythms?

    There's another one here: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=VoQXAQAAIAAJ I can't remember if it was mentioned in the original Sessions thread, the mel.net thread, or somewhere else, so I may be repeating what has gone before, but just in case, it also looks like good stuff. It's the Lancashire Hornpipe paper starting on p.140... Roger
  5. lachenal74693

    Hornpipe and polka rhythms?

    I had a quick look. Interesting indeed. There is a pointer to what looks like an interesting article at: http://www.academia.edu/1492605/The_triple_Time_Hornpipe. I also found the following in the catalogue of the Henry Watson Music Library (I assume this is the library mentioned, I also assume it's the same 'Walsh'): A bibliography of the musical works published by John Walsh during the years 1695-1720 A bibliography of the musical works published by the firm of John Walsh during the years 1721-1766 I couldn't find the actual tune book in the catalogue, but I must try and suss it out next time I'm in. It may be in the Reference section two floors further up, or in the rare books stack. The staff in this library are always helpful, so if they have it, they'll find it for me. They let me transcribe ''The Manchester Ship Canal Waltz' from the original sheet music a few months ago (don't ask - I did it for a very laboured 'joke', the tune itself is 'orrible). Manchester Central Library is one of the world's great libraries! They have three pianos and a drum-kit in the music library, and a table football game in the Business Library... Roger
  6. lachenal74693

    New British £50 note.

    Now, that is damn' interesting. Do you by any chance know of a reference where this idea is explained in more detail? It's about time I brushed up the Physics I did 40+ years ago, and that sounds like as good a place as any to start... Ta. Roger
  7. lachenal74693

    Hornpipe and polka rhythms?

    Ah! As a musical numptie, I had 'empirically' stumbled across that idea myself without any 'outside assistance'. It's comforting to know it's a valid approach. Ta. That answers my initial point, and makes it much clearer, as far as categorising (and playing) these 3/2 tunes is concerned. It doesn't get much better than a response from the man who did the transcription - it's got to be correct - ta! Thank you. Roger.
  8. lachenal74693

    Hornpipe and polka rhythms?

    This thread seems to be revolving around the classification of a tune as a hornpipe or a polka. There was a thread on melodeon.net a while back which sort of ties in with this discussion. It dealt largely with 3/2 hornpipes (http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,22817.msg273200.html#msg273200). My question here is: I've now found a tune which is billed as 'Old Lancashire Hornpipe' in one ABC version (Paul Hardy's Tunebook), and 'Old Lancashire Reel' in another printed version, (Nick Barber's 'English Choice'). Both are 3/2. How does this work with a 3/2 tune - how do we decide if a tune is a 3/2 hornpipe or a 3/2 reel, and does it 'matter'? Thank you. Roger. Stop Press: MF has just posted, but I'll post this anyway, before looking at his latest contribution...
  9. lachenal74693

    DC Ambiance - An Evening of Gypsy Jazz

    Been meaning to post this for ages. As GJ enthusiasts, you might like this BBC Podcast from the Radio 3 Jazz Library programme(*): Gypsy Jazz Guitarists Roger (*)No longer with us, unfortunately...
  10. lachenal74693

    my best audience

    Sorry, I have to ask... If he's enjoying the music that much, why is he lying on his back, legs in the air, 'playing dead'? Roger
  11. lachenal74693

    Pierced Metal Sides

    The article on miniature and semi-miniature concertinas here contains several illustrations which appear to be of metal-ended concertinas. Later: Silly me! I should have posted pictures of my own metal-ended instruments: First: A modern Marcus G/D hybrid (Purchased from a member here about 3 years ago. This is the one I use for t'Morris - good and loud - blow yer socks off two counties away!) Second: A vintage George Jones C/G (Also purchased from a local parishioner. Serial number 20839, date?) Much later stil:. Ah! I now see that the OP related to metal-ends with additional fretting on the hexagonal edge/side of the wrap-around metal end (as opposed to a simple end-plate). I should have clocked that straight from the start I agolopise for muddying the waters... Roger
  12. lachenal74693

    Scholer Concertina

    There are four short YouTube videos dealing with Scholers which may help you. They appear to be 20-button Anglos, and one of the models is triple-reeded, and another is tuned in D/A. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbPw0yR19zM&index=1&list=PL777D961E7BDD0215 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88yCVla_Djg&index=2&list=PL777D961E7BDD0215 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvs4-ANFuq8&index=3&list=PL777D961E7BDD0215 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anBj1hibG0o&index=4&list=PL777D961E7BDD0215 Roger
  13. lachenal74693

    Lachenal Date Help

    This thread may point you in the right direction. I think that some of the (outdated?) information referenced in that thread points to about 1885-1895? I'm not an expert - maybe some-one with more knowledge than me will chip in... Roger
  14. What is the best/safest way to remove end-plate screws which are 'rusted into place' without damaging the instrument? I put the inverted commas in because I thought that on most(?) 'tinas, the screws went straight into the wood, and thus cannot be 'rusted into place', whatever it is that is stopping them turning - just anno-domini, I expect... Ta. Roger
  15. lachenal74693

    Who made this one?

    Does anyone out there have any idea who made this one? No identifying marks, apparently. Ta. Roger
  16. lachenal74693

    How to remove/replace 'rusted-in' screws?

    Not my problem - not my 'tina! ☺️ Thanks for the advice folks, I'll pass it on. Roger
  17. lachenal74693

    Who made this one?

    Yep! That looks like it - thanks very much!
  18. Our lead (melodeon) player wears a transparent plastic cagoule - very stylish, doesn't muffle the music too much, and our splendid musicians uniform can still be clearly seen...
  19. lachenal74693

    Imhof & Mukle

    I think the apparent irregularity in the shape of the label might just be an optical illusion caused by irregularities on the lower edge of the hole in the wooden end? Roger
  20. Don Taylor has Alan Day's audio lessons archived here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8mogrfx80c2usbk/AADzQV8rn1AYImD_fosryWfoa?dl=0 Just above the handstrap in the picture in the OP, there appears to be a horned face (attached). Looks like Old Nick to me - I've always said that concertinas were the work of the Devil. Scary...
  21. Indeed! To muddy the waters even further, this old article by Ken Coles illustrates what looks like another similar instrument which is designated as a Renelli. The article is not primarily about this instrument, but is pretty interesting... I also found this comment: "You'll see pretty much (maybe identical) designs sold under the names "Bastari", "Stagi", "Silvertone", and other house-brand names. Generally all Italian-made, post-WWII and made in largely this design up to the present." in this 2016 thread. Roger
  22. I was comparing it with the illustrations on this offering on bonanza.com. They look pretty similar to me? Roger
  23. Can someone satisfy my curiosity? Is that a Stagi? Thanks. Roger
  24. lachenal74693

    DC Ambiance - An Evening of Gypsy Jazz

    My brother-in-law, who is a pretty mean GJ guitarist himself, and me, are both unable to make your gig (it's a long way from Manchester!). We both wonder if there is perhaps a CD in the pipeline? We've listened to the Soundcloud recordings, and want more... Roger.