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  1. lachenal74693

    26 buttons oncertina?

    Perhaps I should have said that AD's tutorial is in fact a collection of sound files. I think there are printable scores as well, but it's primarily a 'listen' experience rather than a 'look' experience.
  2. lachenal74693

    Thread 'persistence' on forum opening page

    (1) Yes, that's the one. (2) Ah! That'll be what's causing it. Presumably, it happens all the time - it's simply never occurred that something I was following was followed so quickly by a subsequent post in the same forum with a different headline, so I never noticed the 'problem' before. Understood - thank you. Roger
  3. What controls the length of time for which a thread 'headline' is displayed on the forum opening page? I ask because I've noticed that some threads to which contributions have been made quite recently are not headlined in the top-level forum page, whereas some threads which have not been contributed to for some time are still displayed. For example, threads going back as far as May 11 are still displayed, while threads contributed to as recently as 48-72 hours ago have 'disappeared'. Not particularly bothered (the 'missing' threads are still available, if looked for) - just curious. Thank you.
  4. lachenal74693

    26 buttons oncertina?

    The OP didn't actually ask, but I guess that the revised serial number puts the date as ~1920s? (There are others here who are better qualified than myself to comment on that one.) I was wondering what model it is? The pricelists on concertina.com mention 26-button instruments with 5-fold bellows in paper-covered deal boxes, or 6-/7-fold bellows in mahogany boxes. This one appears to be 5-fold in a mahogany box. Maybe those pricelists are not comprehensive...
  5. lachenal74693

    26 buttons oncertina?

    If you're on the learning curve, you could download Alan Day's Concertina Tutorial (hosted by Don Taylor of this parish). Also, there are some lessons on the Australian Bush Traditions web site. English- and Australian- style playing - should be handy in Uruguay? 🙂...
  6. lachenal74693

    26 buttons oncertina?

    I wonder if it is worth checking the number - is it actually 117843? I have one instrument where the leading '1' of the serial number is hidden behind the edge of the oval hole in which the label sits. Just a thought, because it looks very much like one of my instruments which has a much higher serial number. Very confusing...
  7. lachenal74693


    I wonder, does the fact that some folks (in sessions) play VERY VERY LOUD also constitute a danger to life and limb?
  8. lachenal74693

    Keeping instrument dry in rain

    ...as used by our fashion-conscious lead melodeon player... They are large and loose enough to enable the instrument to be played inside the poncho, and are transparent so that our wonderful musicians uniform is on full display. I think they also come in a 'disposable' form in packs of 3 (4?)...
  9. lachenal74693


    See also: Acoustics of free-reed instruments for an introduction to this subject. PDF here. This Fluid Dynamics stuff is mind-boggling - sounds like a job for ARCHER. Roger
  10. lachenal74693

    New to concertina

    If that is really said on the YT video to which you refer, I'm a little mystified by that comment. I'm 4.5 years into playing these appalling instruments ( 😉 ) and, to me, the whole point of the layout is the cleverly designed distribution of the notes across the buttons, which has been highlighted by other posters. I once said jokingly, to a 'gongoozler' that you have to be tone-deaf or clinically dead not to be able to get some sort of tune out of an Anglo. I now actually think there's an element of truth in this. For me, this 'truth' is due very largely to the cunning button layout, and, as has been said, exploiting the supposed 'shortcomings' of the 20-button instrument can be a bit of a challenge - but that's good - keeps you on your toes. Three cheers for Sir Charles and Herr Uhlig! Good luck, and have fun!
  11. lachenal74693

    Lachenal 79001 Restoration

    > '... I had it laser printed in a professional print shop on 90g/m2 acid-free paper... > 130g. From Der Kunstladen. Colour No. 53804. A4 size. Chlorine-free. Interesting spread of weights. I had been thinking of 110/120 gsm. Thanks. R
  12. lachenal74693

    Lachenal 79001 Restoration

    Wolf, thanks for your reply. (1) It was a hypothetical question really - I tried to find a print shop to produce some about 3 years ago for a refurbish project - and failed. (2) I eventually passed the refurbishment project to Dave, who used his papers - as you state, they are the 'real thing'. (3) No, I moved back to God's country 3 years ago, and severed my connection - too far to travel... Thanks. Roger
  13. lachenal74693

    Lachenal 79001 Restoration

    What quality/weight of paper would you (or anyone else) recommend? Ta. Roger.
  14. lachenal74693

    Something For The Weekend?

    There's a version in Aird's Airs, vol 3, but the transcription I've seen doesn't have those low Gs at the end of the A and B music, and the whole thing is in G, so those Bs in the C music are not flattened. (Does that make sense?) It's also no. 17 in 80 English Dance Tunes (compiled by Nick Barber). I think I have it somewhere under another title, but I can't remember t'other title, and have failed to find it so far 🙁 ...
  15. lachenal74693

    ABC collection for 20-button concertinas

    Thank you - that would be interesting. You can PM me, email me, or post 'em here? I like your 'tina tutor (after translation of course, my German is almost non-existent! 🤔 ). Thanks!