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  1. I'd be grateful if you would satisfy my curiosity. How you did you create that 'Coover-tabbed' score, ABC, MuseScore, lilypond, or what? A while back (12 months?), some-one (it may have been me), asked if it were possible using ABC. I don't remember a 'solution' being posted, though I may have mis-remembered the details... Thank you.
  2. You aren't alone! If you are looking for a book or sheet music because you want to play so many tunes, you could do a lot worse than download one of the many tune books available on the internet. Doing this will give you loads of tunes to have a go at - far more than you will find in any printed tutor of which I am aware. The point here being that if you have more tunes to look at, you are more likely to stumble across tunes that you really like, and the more you like a tune, the more likely you are to stick with it till you can play the thing proper
  3. Yeah, seems so. I know for a fact that the guy who looks after that site has dozens (hundreds?) of tunes for which he intends to post tabbed scores when he gets time, which will make it even more useful... The important thing is (as GC said in the post which will I think be 'above' this one) is to pick one system and stick to it, otherwise you'll very likely get your knickers in a twist...
  4. (1) Indeed! The books by Mick Bramich are my personal favourite. The tablature is simple, concise and unambiguous, and the button numbering is symmetric (in the same way that novice piano lessons number the fingers and thumbs). The tabs also map onto the system described in the Australian Bush Traditions concertina tutor (albeit using slightly different symbols for sook and blaw). This is the only instance I know of in which two different (and currently available) tutorial systems use the same button numbering scheme. (2) Correct!
  5. An ad hoc solution might be to stand outside in an exposed position during a lightning storm, holding the concertina above your head, and praying for an arcing spark (aka a lightning strike). That should provide an adequate supply of ozone? It might work, but the downside is that you will possibly end up incinerated with smoke coming out of your boots...
  6. So, what's in it for an ordinary bloke like me? A mediocre squeezer with a couple of projects in hand which might one day be worth writing up for some sort of semi-formal publication...
  7. Jolly good! This news has also been posted on melodeon.net, where the response has been similarly unanimous...
  8. Indeed! I just bought one to satisfy my long-standing curiosity about these instruments. It looks in pretty good condition, but it is extremely disappointing - the build quality is very poor. However, you may be helped in your attempts to renovate this instrument by these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbPw0yR19zM&list=PL777D961E7BDD0215&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88yCVla_Djg&list=PL777D961E7BDD0215&index=2 There are at least two more, dealing with differently configured Scholer concertinas.
  9. I think that formula is generally regarded as being a little out-of-date? Somewhere, there is an article from ~2001/2 ,by Wes Williams called Dating your Concertina: A Summary Guide. The article has a large table giving approximate dates for different manufacturer's models. I think that will give a slightly different (later) date? I can't find the article - perhaps one of the historians on this forum will come up with the location.
  10. Harry Geuns? At least he's on the same land mass as you (Belgium). Re: McNeela and CC. I don't like McNeela's business methods. They recently hi-jacked another concertina forum with a blatant advertising post which tried to masquerade as the FAQ for that forum. Very seedy. I very strongly dislike this sort of unethical behaviour. I had my hands on a CC Jack at the beginning of this (last?) year - it was awful! Cheap and nasty IMO.
  11. I think we (you and I) are very lucky, and just a little privileged to be the custodians, for a while, of instruments like this. I have one with a provenance along the same lines: It is a Lachenal semi-miniature in Bb/F. Serial No. 137243. It has featured here before, but since I bought it in 2015 I have done a little research, the results of which I don't think I posted The attached pictures of the interior show: On the left, the pencilled inscription “THIS INSTRUMENT PLAYED TROOPS INTO BATTLE AT ARME
  12. Sorry! Cancel that one! My system temporarily prevented me from downloading the PDF for some reason!
  13. I must admit, I did wonder if anyone would spot that. Good music though, innit? As far as I can see, the new website was only launched yesterday, with 31 tunes. Today there are 50, and today ain't over yet!
  14. I guess this should go in 'Tunes'? It should be of interest to some members of this forum? Here's a new website from a well-known U.K. melodeon/concertina duo. Their new website features a music section where there is a rapidly growing selection of tunes in PDF, ABC and YouTube video formats. Featured instruments are usually English concertina and melodeon, but Anglo, cello, banjo, vocals feature on some tracks.
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