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  1. Australian music is the dog's wotsits! The Australian Traditional Music Archive is a bonzer place to visit... Here's one of my favourite Australian tunes - a bit late for this year's Australia Day, but next year... RogersTuneBook-AustraliaDayWaltz.abc RogersTuneBook-AustraliaDayWaltz.pdf
  2. Yes, I take your point, and that was my point really. I'm sometimes a little bothered that new/prospective players might not take this on board at first (I didn't when I very first started). Maybe I'm being a little over-cautious... ____ Maybe I'm not. 'Different differences', if you see what I mean, but moderately critical? I can remember two instances where someone was trying to learn Anglo after rotating the thing through 180 degrees in the horizontal plane, and one instance where someone appeared to be quite happily setting out to learn to play a 30-button English using the tutor for a 30-button Anglo.
  3. I'm a little confused. A/D and D/G concertinas have been mentioned, but I can't remember ever coming across these configurations. Are D/A and G/D meant here, or am I missing something?
  4. Indeed. See https://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/salv.htm. I too have a 26-Button George Jones Ab/Eb Salvation Army Anglo (Serial No. 25105). It has the SA crest stamped/embossed on the RH end, and the SA initials worked into the fretwork. Very nice it is too...
  5. That's interesting. I sometimes use the 'tap technique', in a fairly unstructured way, to achieve a 'pseudo-staccato' effect. First time I can recall it being mentioned...
  6. Deleted. I just answered my own question! Sorry folks!
  7. Well, I tried it - spent 6-8 hours on it so far. A simple text-based 'Lilypond tune creation tool' running in a command window. Hard work, and not a lot of progress so far. As a comparison, I tried the same with ABC - a simple text-based creation tool for writing ABC tunes. Got the whole thing working in prototype form in ~90 minutes. Good enough that I may well pursue the matter and develop a more sophisticated version. Quick and easy when away from home with a small, slow machine, which can only run [Easy]ABC slowly... The comparison isn't completely fair because my familiarity with ABC syntax means that the ABC tool was 'easier', but to my mind, it's a striking difference...
  8. Thanks for that reply. It looks a little as if we both did somewhat similar things somewhere in the dim and distant past. I looked at it in a fairly cursory way, and came away with the idea that it did a pretty good job, but was very verbose (like TeX/LaTeX). Files were simple text, but were likely to be 2.5-5x larger than an equivalent ABC file for the simple tunes I was working with. Like you, I didn't use a front-end, but used it in command-line mode. As a result of a conversation I had with someone a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try it again, this time with a front-end. I installed Frescobaldi/Lilypond on two of my machines yesterday (one I don't connect to the internet), and got it working fairly quickly. Even with the Frescobaldi interface (with an easy-to-use 'score wizard'), it still seems complicated, even for simple tunes. It's probably great for the musical director of a symphony orchestra who wants to provide a full score for Beethoven's 5th, complete with parts for every instrument in the band. For blokes like me who simply want to get 'Three Blind Mice' down on paper in a way which is usable by other folks, it's probably serious over-kill... I'll be pursuing the matter, but at a lowish level. I suspect that if I decide to use Lilypond at all, I'll be building my own 'score wizard', rather in the way I built a simple 'HTML file generator' 20+ years ago... Thanks for the input.
  9. I'm getting bored - time for a new 'project'... Does anyone here have any experience using the TeX/LaTeX-like music type-setting program lilypond? What front-end should I use? frescobaldi? I did try it at a very elementary level about 5 years ago, so I'm familiar with the general approach, but didn't pursue it as I was using [Easy]ABC by then. Always up for something new, though... Thank you. Moderator: If this isn't the correct forum, please feel free to move to the correct one...
  10. Yes. A word of explanation. For those who haven't stumbled across it before, that ABCEdit database is a bewildering collection of ~25000 tunes - containing many (exact!) duplicates; many tunes containing 'wonky' ABC; many strange (and incorrect) key signatures; many bizarre attributions of country of origin; and so on... An encyclopaedia of all the ABC coding practices deprecated in Dr. Gonzato's manual, in fact. There are also many cracking tunes in there (which I haven't seen elsewhere). My (self-appointed) task is to salvage what's salvageable, but that 'Godfather' I posted was at best, on the limits of being salvageable. Here's my take on Gregor's improved version. I separated it into two tunes (for my own 'administrative' reasons), and ditched the second voice in the Waltz (I'm pretty 'insecure' when dealing with Bass clef!). I added chords to the Theme - 'just for ducks'... Later: I forgot to supply a link to GG's manual! Now inserted. godfather-X78.pdf godfather-X78.abc
  11. Crikey, that was quick! Thank you! It works! Bacca Pipes - Headington Time 1: (L05Push, index) Time 721: (L05Push, index) Time 1201: (L09Push, middle) Time 1441: (L05Pull, index) Time 1921: (L05Push, index) Time 2161: (L07Pull, pinky) Time 2881: (L05Push, index) Time 3361: (L07Pull, pinky) Time 3601: (L04Push, middle) Time 4321: (L07Pull, pinky) Time 4801: (L04Push, middle) Time 5041: (L03Pull, ring) Time 5761: (L05Push, index) Time 6481: (L05Push, index) . . . Thanks!
  12. [1] I won't take you up on your kind offer at the moment, because I guess you are up to the earballs getting the whole thing properly sorted out? It's low-priority really, because (presumably) you are working towards providing a complete harmonic tabulation, where actual chords would have rather low priority/importance? Later maybe... [2] Ah, I looked at a MIDI file generated from an ABC file (using EasyABC), and the title was buried somewhere in the MIDI code in text form. I just assumed that (1) 'twould be present in all MIDI files; (2) 'twould be feasible to extract it from the file and place it somewhere in your output. No worries if including title is not practical... Thanks.
  13. You may therefore be interested in: https://fiddle-tunes.nhcountrydance.com/https://fiddle-tunes.nhcountrydance.com/downloads-page/ Fiddle oriented, and I may have mentioned them before, but just in case...
  14. Message deleted - I managed to leave in a single accompaniment chord in my test tune, so it went belly-up! Can I suggest that you add a tune title as the first line of the output, if that is possible?
  15. melodeon.net user 'ak' recently posted details of a web site of North Atlantic Tunes. Looks like an interesting collection - a mixture of ABC, soundfiles, and PDF scores... For more details, see the relevant melodeon.net post.
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