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  1. This: https://github.com/PierreBanwarth/MIDI-concertina may be of interest to some readers here?
  2. lachenal74693

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Don't forget the thousands of dedicated volunteers who supply Dowright with the data for his (invaluable) database - they get thirsty too. Mine's a pint of Theakston's Mild 😎...
  3. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    1) Settings>ABC settings>abc2midi and tick the 'Barfly Mode' box 2) I really want it - now I have some inkling of what it is supposed to do. Ta.
  4. lachenal74693

    My first composition! Dry Kindling for Doctor Mulligan

    I think I'm correct in saying that in order to get the repeat in the B music to play correctly, the last line should be: c'ge ceg |agf efg |edc Bcd |1c3g3 :|2c3|] I couldn't get it to play correctly until I made that very small change. Maybe my copy of EasyABC has been corrupted in some way - anything's possible...
  5. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    1) That's me - guilty as charged m'lud 😊... I now have a much better idea - thanks! 2) Ah! I also have a better understanding that the two are different - I'll be seeing the dancer at a session in 1h25m and we can talk about it - thanks again. I will also try your tune (at least the first few bars) on the assembled multitude...
  6. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    Oh, joy, an unambiguous explanation of what's going on, and how to play it from the man who knows. Nothing like going to the source... Thanks very much! Roger
  7. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    Ah that will be why I got confused! Trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. Ta! Roger.
  8. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    I honestly wouldn't distinguish what I said by any such sophisticated a term as 'concept'. I was just a bit puzzled - I (mis-)interpreted what you said as hinting that a 6-note bar would be converted to a 7-note bar by doing what I suggested, further confused by my slightly hazy ideas of how to play a jig. I only got asked to play a jig in cold blood at t'Morris for the first time last week, when t'other musician (the competent one!) was actually doing the jig. I expect to get asked to do the same tonight... Good tune though!
  9. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    Eh? No, I don't think so? I hope not. S'truth - I'm not sure now... 'x>xx' is shorthand for 'x3/2x/2x' innit? Which is still 3 quavers in terms of total duration? Or have I got something badly wrong? It certainly appears to play OK through an ABC program (EasyABC) when I do this. Of course, it sounds fine without the '>'s, I just thought it sounded fine with 'em in too... Roger NB. It was approx 7-00am when I typed it all in, which is my excuse - I hadn't had my morning sausage, toast and marmalade - but I have now...
  10. lachenal74693

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    That's rather nice! I presume that the R:Jig line in the headers means that the groups of three beamed quavers should be played as if written 'x>xx'? (Apart from R:Hornpipe, I'm a bit vague about what the R: field actually means...) Roger
  11. lachenal74693

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    That extra information and the detailed picture is extremely helpful - thank you very much! Roger
  12. lachenal74693

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    1) And also, the choice between 20 and 30 buttons (oreven summat in-between...) 2) Aye, 'twer me that bought it, if you remember - I am, like you, playing it happily for one of the local Morris sides - it's a belter, and it's so bloody loud - great! 3) Even a klutz like me can benefit from the fact that a 20-button can also stretch your abilities to try and do stuff you would normally think about doing on a 30-button. I love trying stuff like that out and then 'faking' it on the 20-button...
  13. lachenal74693

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    Ooh! what a good idea, and with a clear approach to making the modification demountable! (I presume that by drilling a discreet hole in the handle, it would be possible to screw and unscrew the leather/wood lever? The hole would be hidden by the handstrap. Would it need a threaded sleeve?) I know one folk who has commisioned a 'top modern maker' to build him a real 'tina, but who decided against the lever option because of possible future re-sale difficulties, but I might just try that on a slightly more modest instrument - thank you for the suggestion (oh! what a give-away!).
  14. lachenal74693

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    One thing about the Marcus Traveller - for its size it's VERY, VERY, LOUD - blow yer socks off two fields away. Looking at the contents of this particular thread, the OP would appear to be presented with three options: A modern 30-button hybrid A vintage 30-button real concertina A modern 21-button hybrid All are (just?) in the same ball-park as far as price goes (import duty would be an 'extra' - do we pay duty on imported vintage musical instruments?). I know which way this particular cat would jump, (though I couldn't comment on the suitability of my choice for ITM)...
  15. lachenal74693

    Salvation Army Ab/Eb

    These SA instruments weren't only supplied by Lachenal. I have a 26-Button George Jones A♭/E♭ Salvation Army Anglo (Serial No. 25105). A Salvation Army crest is stamped into the right hand end, and an SA 'logo' worked into the fretting on the right hand end. There is a threaded hole on the left-hand end to receive a miniature 'lyre' (music stand). Original tuning (A ≅ 445 Hz.). (For comparison) the layout is like this: 3 2 1 1 2 3 A/B F/E♭ E/F# A/B F/E♭ E/F# Left Hand Accidentals Right Hand 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 A♭/E♭ E♭/G A♭/B♭ C/C# E♭/F A♭/G C/B♭ E♭/C# A♭/F C/G Left Hand A♭-Row Right Hand 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 E♭/B♭ B♭/D E♭/F G/A♭ B♭/C E♭/D G/F B♭/A♭ E♭/C G/D Left Hand E♭-Row Right Hand However, this is really to let you know that at least two Salvation Army tutors exist for their concertinas. The first is available on't'internet - it may be useful? These are: Herbert H. Booth, Instructions for the Salvation Army Concertina, Salvation Army Book Store, 1888. ( http://www.concertina.com/anglo/index.htm ). The Salvation Army Anglo-German and English Concertina Tutor, Salvation Army Publishing Offices, c. 1905. Roger