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  1. lachenal74693

    Tune & Easy Notes

    I'm well impressed with that! I don't have the kit to record myself though... FWIW, I finally got the ABC extension which adds note names to the note heads to work - after a few false starts. It's pretty cool, the score is well laid out and very much like what's been posted here. It's all a bit of a guddle though, and involves working in the command prompt window, and using abcm2ps explicitly, then using a web-based Postscript to PDF converter... There appears to be a bugette in the easynote.fmt file, and the note names are incorrectly mapped to the actual note heads. I don't 'understand' Postscript, but I was fairly quickly able to suss out a fix for this, to get the note heads correctly labelled. I thought I had it working from within EasyABC but that has gone phut...🙁
  2. lachenal74693

    Tune & Easy Notes

    I'm not sure if you're responding to mathag's question, or my response. However, in case you meant me... Thank you, but not necessary - I was interested because at first sight, it looked as if you had got the ABC easynotes.fmt extension to work (I'm 99% sure that this will produce the same sort of PDF as you are showing). I was more interested in you (possibly) having got any of these .fmt extensions to work, because I have always failed miserably... 🙁 Back to the drawing board...😕 I'll get it working some time... I see you're in Bolton - great market - far better than Bury...😎
  3. lachenal74693

    Tune & Easy Notes

    Is this what you mean? It isn't easy to tell because the proprietors (with unusual modesty) don't actually show any images of their product (unless they are in the video). Alternatively, there is an extension to ABC called Easy Notes. It can be linked from here. It looks as if it might be a .fmt file which has to be specified at the head of an ABC file (or in an explicit abcm2ps command)? I couldn't get it fly... Hope that helps.
  4. lachenal74693

    English Session Tunes book?

    Ooh, goody - I 'got it there', and ordered a copy, and it just arrived (while I'm in the middle of replying to a post of yours in 'another place', as it happens). What an absolutely fantastic book! Thank you for the recommendation!
  5. lachenal74693

    English Session Tunes book?

    Five(-ish) years into playing the 'tina, I've met loadsa free-reed players (concertina, melodeon, PA) at Morris gigs and sessions. Sad but true - I cannot remember a single one who had heard of concertina.net (or melodeon.net) till I mentioned it to them. Hardly a statistically valid and rigorous test, but it makes you think... Yes indeed. I don't know if it can be called 'publishing', but Morris sides, and session bands tend to have their own in-house tune-books (many of which are available on t'internet). Getting the musicians who use these well-established documents to pick up new material might be a bit of a struggle? Here in the U.K., the emphasis does seem to be fairly strongly biassed towards tunes in G and D (or 1- and 2- sharps to be strictly accurate).
  6. lachenal74693

    Jonathan Harnum's 'Practice of Practice'

    There appears to be a free download of a shortened version/sample of this book here. At least, it seems to be the same book? I haven't had a chance to look at it yet...
  7. lachenal74693

    Hard-core Anglo player puts toe in English water...

    Appears to be Frank, not Richard, but yes - downloaded. Thank you!
  8. lachenal74693

    Hard-core Anglo player puts toe in English water...

    That's very helpful - thank you. I think I may have seen a copy at some time - I certainly remember having seen the striking 'Beardie with the Braces' cover photograph somewhere. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks again. Roger. 2 minutes later: I see there's also a new copy available for £660.28! A bit out of my league, I'm afraid. I think some-one must be 'avin a larf... Later still: "...The original version of the book had a...gramophone disk inside (this was before the days of CDs!)...lucky to find a copy which still had the disk..." There seems to be a CD from 2012 - if I find a copy of the book, I'll invest in a copy of the CD...
  9. At my fortnightly session last Saturday, t'other concertina player turned up with her Lachenal English,as well as her Marcus C/G Anglo. I sat and watched (and listened to) her switching effortlessly between the two for 3 1/2 hours. Very impressive. So much so that I'm borrowing my brother-in-law's Concertina Connection English to give it a whirl. Question: Can anyone recommend a decent tutor? I know that Dick Miles has published a couple of books, and there's something in Dave Mallinson's catalogue. Can anyone recommend any of these, or suggest other options. Is there anything on-line (preferably downloadable like Alan Day's Anglo tutorial, for instance. I hate sitting connected to the internet for days at a time...)? Thanks in advance. 5 minutes later: Ah! I just found and downloaded Alistair Anderson's Concertina Workshop. I missed it first time round. That should take me a few steps along the road...
  10. lachenal74693

    New to the forum. New to the concertina.

    My pleasure - all part of the service... I'm aware of three tablature systems. Two of them (ABM and Mick Bramich's) use the same button numbering convention, (though the two systems are rather different on first appearance). Two out of three is good enough for me, so after 'graduating' early from MB's system, I moved to ABM. It's concise, and is therefore relatively quick to add to the tunes that you want to learn, as opposed to those in a book, which you may hate. That is, I do not want to learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (which is in the book) but I do want to learn Hot Cross Buns (which is not in the book). Moi! Awkward? Jamais!
  11. lachenal74693

    How do I change my avatar...

    RAc said: > In case you're still working on it... it's not obvious, took me a while to figure out. Go to your profile while > logged in and find the little icon below yourcurrent Avatar (see attachment). Click on that icon, and it'll > allow you to change it. Coo! It's not really obvious is it. Job done. Ta!
  12. Speaks for itself, dunnit? How can I change the small picture displayed at the left-hand side of the screen? I've looked through the 'Settings' menu, and posts in this sub-forum gong back to ~2014, and can't see the answer anywhere, though I probably missed it...🙁 Thanks.
  13. Thanks, that makes it much clearer - I hadn't clocked the idea that the 'lever' was actually sprung...
  14. Does this require a second set of holes to be punched in the hand-straps, closer to the hand-rest so that they fit over the pin? I'm sitting here with a concertina on my lap trying to visualise this and can't quite get my head around how it all fits together unless there are extra holes... Does this mean that the screws for securing the straps to the ends of the 'conventional' concertina can be dispensed with? Later: Ah! Now I look at the final picture, this seems to be what is happening. More haste, less speed... This design feature is clearly visible in at least one of the pictures on the Kensington web site, though the 'business' end isn't quite so clear..
  15. I wonder if the multiple reeds sounding might make you think that the reeds need tuning, when maybe they don't? That's a bit speculative, but that problem is further down the road, after the buttons are fixed. If multiple reeds continue to sound, maybe that's the time to look at the valves, (not sure about this, but if some of them have fallen off, this might also be causing multiple reeds to sound?). And buy yourself a copy of David Elliot's Concertina Maintenance Manual - available here. It contains detailed instructions and copious diagrams telling you how to go about all these 'little jobs'....