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  1. Paul Hardy's Xmas Tune book[1]. Go to: https://pghardy.net/tunebooks/ and select the Xmas Tune Book icon (4th from left). The tune book is available in various formats, free in ABC or PDF format, and you can order a paid for on-demand printed copy via Lulu if you are feeling flush... I've attached a short (6 tunes) selection from my own personal tune book. Sources are indicated so that you can track down the original if you are so inclined. ([1] If this is the one you already found, and it don't sound right, summat's up - tell us what's going wrong...) xmas.abc
  2. I think I already know the answer, but I'm going to ask anyway: I know someone who wants a 'small' concertina to take travelling with them (they are tired of lugging the D/G melodeon around!). Last night, I showed them my Marcus Traveller - they were impressed, but want a G/D. Question - is there an equivalent anywhere to the Marcus Traveller, but in G/D? I think I know the answer (and why) but it's worth asking. I've suggested a standard-size 26-button G/D as an alternative...
  3. It looks like an English, rather than an Anglo, which I suspect is what you have seen before. Possibly made by Lachenal or Wheatstone? Fear not, unless I'm much mistaken, some-one with far more knowledge of English than myself will be dropping by 'real soon now'.
  4. Thanks. I'm using a W10PC, I'll give that a try, or use a different browser...
  5. >>On 11/13/2021 at 6:05 AM, lachenal74693 said: >>I think I may also start using 4/4 and 2/2 and drop C and C| completely - it's 'clearer'... >1 hour ago Paul Hardy said: >Hear hear - I systematically switched tunes to numeric ratios when including them in my tunebook. Good! I appear to be doing something 'right'. Not before time...😎 I note also your use of the word 'ratios'. I've always been a little uncomfortable about the reduction of the 'meter ratio' to a decimal fraction (as used to determine the 'default' note length in ABC). Never seemed quite right to me...
  6. Thanks - I thought it was me. How do I do that 'collapse'? I looked at 'settings' and can't see an obvious way to do that. Ta.
  7. One for the sysmans, possibly? Suddenly, I'm seeing adverts mixed in with the posts in a thread, and also at the bottom of my screen (where they mask some of the thread content). Has the software changed in some way or have I (more likely) inadvertently re-set some of my settings? Thanks.
  8. Not immediately relevant to this thread, but that's a very interesting post. If I try and type in the first version of Soldier's Joy using (Easy)ABC, I see different results in the score window if I do or do not explicitly enter the default value of L (L:1/16 for 2/4). Points up the confusing inconsistency when we have different 'default' values for different meters...
  9. That's very helpful - despite the fact that Rhubarb and custard is a childhood memory I wish to forget! Thank you!
  10. Me too - this 2/4, 4/4, 2/2 stuff does my head (ears) in. I find it really difficult sometimes to discern the differences... I meant to ask: Are there any more verses? What's your translation of the title?
  11. [1] 1st bullet point: I think the recommended order for the 'essential' ABC headers is X:, T:, M:, L:, Q:, K:. I always use this ordering. If I need to use R: and P:, they go (in that order) immediately after the Q:. If used, C:, Z:, O:, etc. go immediately after the T:. 2nd bullet point: I'd already edited the bar lines myself because it looked 'wrong(-ish)'. This helps clear up at least one thing which has been bothering me since I started this music lark. In 'legacy' ABC files, I often see 'suspect' bar lines (or missing bar lines) in 2/2 and 2/4 tunes. I've always thought - "Well, this guy is an expert; he must be right and I must be wrong - though I don't understand why...". It is confusing, but I now begin to think that maybe 'this guy' isn't as much of an 'expert' as I fondly imagined. I will now have a little more confidence when I 'correct' such files, though it's sometimes difficult to decide if it's 2/2 with too few bar lines, or 2/4 with too many bar lines... I think I may also start using 4/4 and 2/2 and drop C and C| completely - it's 'clearer'... 3rd & 4th bullet points: Ah! I didn't think of doing this with the F2- |F and the final note... [2] The lyrics looks OK to me? Thank you DB for helping me clarify this point, in my own mind at least...
  12. Yeah! Because of my fairly flaky knowledge of musical theory, (particularly that part relating to 'staff notation'), I'm never entirely sure that this bar/measure numbering is correct. My excuse is that this is what's generated by EasyABC in response to the %%measurenb 0 instruction...
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