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  1. Wow, Thanks so much for all the interesting replies. Really appreciated everyone's input and suggestions. I was away all weekend so apologies for late reply. I think the bellows control is something I need to consider. Its a really good point. As a learner I tend to play too strong(and loud), possibly as I am trying to force the notes out of the Rochelle which is a little stiff for when trying to play faster. I will check out the Wolverton as I had not heard of them. Also the Rosewood Lachenal as mentioned above looks and sounds great. I had seen the ad for it (without the video) b
  2. Hi Folks, I am finally looking to upgrade to a mid-range concertina after a couple of years with the Rochelle. Based on my budget (circa 2k to 2.5k) the mid-range instruments I have been looking at the Morse Ceili, Clover, Marcus and Claddagh. I have only been able to try a couple of these and cant get my hands on a Morse or Clover to try out. I have listened to as many clips out there on YouTube to get a feel for them. At the moment I was edging towards the Morse. Would anyone be able to advise on what would be a good mid-level concertina which is a little quieter than the others.
  3. Hi there I am also looking to buy a Rochelle Anglo C/G in good codition. I am based in Limerick, Ireland. Cheers Dave
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