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  1. BTW, if you are considering a Rochelle, I found best price and excellent service at Celtic Chords, Aberdeen. I paid them £330 for box, bag and tutor book and P&p. The Music Room are asking £390 for same package and they were out of stock when I was buying in September.
  2. I "invested" in a Rochelle about a month ago and I find it OK for a beginner but much physically harder to play than top quality boxes because the reeds respond a lot slower, especially on higher notes. If you can afford a better box and feel committed to learning the instrument, I would say look for a better box, perhaps with a budget of about £1500. the box you are looking at looks OK and they do offer a guarantee.
  3. I have just discovered that my Rochelle actually has its reeds mounted in mini-blocks like a miniature melodeon and the reeds sit protruding into the bellows space sloping slightly inwards. they also have plastic valves. I suspect that this design of construction is common to all "budget" instruments made in China. SO, (he says with a huff) the advice us beginners are given to religiously store our boxes on their side is all tosh. In fact , it would be better to store this type of box on its end so that valves are then approx vertical. I suspect it doesn't really matter with plastic valves anyway. I do understand that it may be good practice to get into the "on its side" habit for when we upgrade to a "proper" box, but why be so obsessive about it with beginners?
  4. Must be something lost in transatlantic translation or I am very naive, but I fail to see double entendre in my username. Probably best not to explain.
  5. Fascinating replies. thanks all. I suspect some players have far better ears than me. So "Accordion" reeds are basically what they fit in Melodeons are they? Ie Put together externally and fitted as a block. I know from playing Melodeon that one test of a quality reed is how little air it needs before starting to sound (less the better) without a noticeable sudden breathy start.
  6. thanks for all replies. The Music Room are currently without stock and Rochelles are on back order. However, I have located one at Celtic Cords in Aberdeenshire and placed an order ( soon might have to pay import duty from Scotland). A fault on their website was saying none in stock, but an email enquiry revealed otherwise. Other option was to import one direct from Makers in USA at quite reasonable cost. I know Rochelle is a basic box, but we all have to start somewhere. I used to play a Pokerwork Melodeon but now could not do without my Salterelle Connemara. From my side, this thread is now closed as item no longer required.
  7. I am based in Devon, England and I wish to purchase a Rochelle Anglo C/G which must be in good as new condition. Currently no dealer in UK has any stock of this model.
  8. Hello all. my 1st posting on this forum being new to the Concertina as a new venture from other instruments. I read that better instruments have "real" Concertina reeds as opposed to Accordion reeds fitted in cheaper instruments. Please explain the difference? No doubt this has been discussed before but I can't find suitable thread to answer this question.
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