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  1. Congratulations ! I am not very fond of digital musical instruments but I love this one. Keep on.
  2. There is a small overlap on the anglo concertina with B - c - d and e , in opposite push pull directions, which is useful in many tunes. But the anglo is a bisonoric instrument and my next custom concertina will be unisonoric. So I think I don't need overlap for playing only melodies. Will I be wrong ? I will know with the time (As far I know, there is no overlap on the english concertina.)
  3. Sorry not yet, the only project in progress currently is the "melodic" Hayden layout. I have posted the other layouts to give ideas and eventually to discuss pros and cons.
  4. No, I don't own an "Elise Plus" it was only a personal research to improve the Elise. I've had the idea to buy a Elise and then to modify it, but that was too tricky with only 4 and 5 keys per row. Building a new custom concertina with the layout I wish, was a better solution and knowing Stephane I was sure to get a good quality instrument. In theory, this concertina will be finished at the beginning of next year. You will see photos, and perhaps a video, at this time.
  5. Just for info, my first project was the "Elise Plus", a copy from the Elise 34 keys with a few added keys. A 40 key Hayden Duet concertina. It was more comfortable for most tunes I play. But not enough.
  6. That's the reason, to have a extended range. And then on a C/G anglo concertina, middle C is also on the left.
  7. Fully chromatic from A3 to d6. At first sight, 34 keys seems few comparing the standard hayden duet concertina. But don't forget we are talking about a "only melody playing" instrument. We don't need to play melody AND chords in this case. Here is the layout : https://copy.com/MHpdBjwFQjBd However, I guess this new hayden would be able to play in the "harmonic style". And also playing chords for accompaniment. What do you think ?
  8. Hi Matthew, I have already read the thread about my friend Stephane in the General section, I was glad for him. Colombia is far far away from Europe, the nearest person I know in south america is a former workmate 's son in French Guiana, but he is not musician at all. I knew a french luthier in Brasil, a mandolin maker but he is dead now. Good luck in Colombia. About my future hayden concertina, it will have these specifications : - rectangular sides because of easier availability of rectangular bellows here (and less expensive than hexagonal ones) - accordion reed blocks - melodeon style buttons in straight line (no slant).
  9. Hi everyone My name is Eddy and I am the happy owner of the "Melodina", the square hybrid anglo-concertina made by Stephane Le Lan at Fontenay-le-Comte in western France. I live at 50 km south from Stephane's workshop. I am a guitar/mandolin player for a long time and I have discovered the anglo concertina six years ago. What a cool instrument ! Easy to carry, easy to handle, always in tune, easy to play ... in the row. (far less easy when I began to play in the key of D with my first C/G, in the irish style). I was reading the topic "Converting Duets: Maccann To Hayden?" and ceemonster was talking about a "melody playing" Hayden concertina. That's funny because I was thinking about a "melodic" Hayden concertina for a long time and since this week it's a project in progress with Stephane. So I have signed up to this forum to give my point of view. I call it "melodic Hayden" because I want to play melodies with both hands like an anglo. I don't mind about playing chords while I play melody because I see the concertina more like a solo instrument as the violon, the flute and not like an accordion. And also because I play in a band. This thing will have 34 keys from G3 to D6, almost the range of the fiddle, three rows each side. A kind of anglo-german concertina with the logical and easy wicki-hayden layout. I could tell you more next time after seeing Stephane. Cheers. Eddy
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