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  1. Dear Malcolm, please don't apologies, I never got the sense that you offered me help just for business. your advice saved my accordion , I opened the accordion and found that the reeds have fallen out of the reedblocks , I took it out cleaned it and then placed it back . The treble keys are vibrating now , accept for the major C key , because the leather pad fell out too. I will buy some glue to attach it again. It was a great honor to get an advice from someone experienced and talented like you . Best Regards.
  2. I don't know Australian laws, but I would think that if the damage occurred in shipping, the responsibility lies with the individual or business that shipped the article. Also, it should have been insured, unless you specifically requested that it not be. At this point I would recommend that you not open the instrument yourself, lest the seller try to claim that you caused whatever damage has occurred. Instead, take it to a competent accordion repair person (I suspect Malcolm might be able to recommend someone nearer to you than himself) for an assessment of the condition and whether it'
  3. Okay I spotted the pins , I will give it a look soon , shouldn't be that hard.
  4. Dear Malcolm Clapp and Blue eyed sailor, Thank you very much for your feedbacks, I really appreciate your help. Yes the accordion rattles when shaken, I tried playing the bass notes without pressing any piano keys, they seem to be fine but more air supply is needed when pressing piano keys. I checked the pads on the treble side; they are all closed and bent properly. I'm really confused because when I contacted the seller, he claimed that the damage might have happened during the shipment to Brisbane (although I'm sure such air leakage was already there, funny the Accordion was pack
  5. I’m new to Accordions , bought this from Ebay seller said it was ready to play and in perfect condition (60 bass Russian made) the bass sounds great but the treble keys are not working , any suggestions ? Video bellow : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0F4GjL58Ow
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