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  1. Hi Little John.  This topic is getting quite complex so I'd like to ask you about your bisonoric experience.  What I want to do is create a 6 note thumb activated bass cluster to take advantage of the vacant reed chambers in my Jeff duet.  I've played a little bit of melodeon so I'm comfortable with the push pull aspect.  My intuition is that because the rest of the instrument is unisonoric and because I have an air button, the bellows work needed for the required notes will soon become second nature.  Has that been your experience ?  Thanx.



    1. Little John

      Little John

      Yes. Even though I'm not an Anglo player I've got used to the three bisonoric buttons I have. There is one on the right (B3/C#4) and two on the left (B2/Bb2) and (Eb3/A2) on the left - all of these (push/pull). These were deliberately chosen to pair up - the B2 and B3 both on push and the A2 and C#4 both on pull. You probably won't have to consider this in quite the same way, but you might want to consider how you plan to use them and therefore how to choose the push/pull alternatives; for example either to ease playing a scale or to ease playing a two note bass.





    2. wunks


      Yes, and that's the reason for my interest in the single reed/push pull option.  it would require 6 buttons and actions though, hence the attractiveness of the bisonoric solution.  Thank you very much for your input LJ.


      Happy New Year!


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