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  1. Erik, Unless you already know how to play the Hayden layout, I'd have a look at the available tutors for Hayden / Wiki. There's not a lot.
  2. The circled cutouts look like PacMan Ghosts.
  3. I recently purchased a camera lens; not really expensive, but not cheap, either. Vendor chose USPS, I chose the tracking texts to phone and followed the package to my house. When I got the delivery notice I went to the door (why don't delivery drivers knock anymore?) No package. It had been only a minute, so I doubted it was a porch thief. I started a claim, a couple days later a postal employee reported that the package was mis-delivered and was un-recoverable. They said to file a claim with the seller and they would pay. The next day it showed up on my doorstep. My neighbor delivered it.
  4. Try an older Gen Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets. Wide screen format, and older versions can be found pretty cheap.
  5. I'm glad you, and your concertinas, are safe!
  6. Good luck, Doug. I hope you find a good, qualified next owner.
  7. Sorry, but those pictures are not very helpful. How 'bout some images of the entire ends, both of them.
  8. Should have quoted. Sorry, that was a reply to Nick Oliver's post about a recording of 24 bass concertina
  9. Available at Button Box in Mass, if anyone is interested.
  10. Well done, Gary. I can't stand WF (can't even say his name - I call him Voldemort), so I watched the video with my eyes closed.
  11. That image did not work for me on Firefox (asked for a Google login).
  12. It looks like an Anglo concertina with a loooooong bellows.
  13. Major Carter must have had forearms like Popeye!
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