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  1. Hi Do you still have this one for sale? Robert
  2. The Rochelle. But it's stuck at Duty since friday the 4. I wonder if it will be release before holloween or christmas.
  3. Concertina.net has nearly 6000 members, most of whom rarely or never post, even though they read others' posts. And we don't all own Rochelles, so 49 views seems to me an insignificant fraction. What's more, not everyone who does reply (myself included) does so immediately. Patience and tolerance are considered virtues here. As for your original question: I've never played a Rochelle, but I have played more than one Jackie, the Rochelle's English concertina equivalent, and I was able to do cuts, rolls, and other ornaments on them. So I'd say the Rochelle is up to doing those ornaments if you are. Give it a try. Awesome. I'm happy with all your answers. The reason I asked is because with a cheap accordion, grace notes are slower than on a good one. Your answer must mean that the Rochelle is a good concertina for a beginner. Thanks again.
  4. Gee ! 49 views and no answers. Could it be that if you have a cheap instrument, you're kind of impure, not worthy ? I've seen that before on other forums. Just a taught.
  5. Hi anyone I just bought a Rochelle concertina. I'm wondering if it's good enough to make rolls, triplets etc.... on it. Thanks guys.
  6. Finaly I bought a new one. Used ones are more scarce than I taught. Cheers !
  7. Hi Guys Anyone has a Rochelle or Stagi for sale ?. Have a great one. Robert
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