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  1. Hi all, thank you so much for all your kind suggestions. I'm sorry I didn't get back sooner been at work. I will post some pictures of it later (early evening) when i'm home. Thank again all and have a fabulous day.. Ellen .
  2. ahhh, don't want my bubble burst. Very old thing it is but I will do as you suggest. Many thanks!! Have a great day. Ellen:-))
  3. Hi all my name is Ellen. I just love the sound of the concertina sooooooooooo much!!

  4. Hiya all you very experienced concertina players! Any help here appreciated. I have a concertina that that belonged to my late Dad. He lived in Portsmouth opposite the old Sailors Return. Sadly no longer there!! It is inscribed in ye-olde world writing .... Feptember 1742 eeeeeek! I can just ready on the little tag that it says ... the fearless (or maybe peerless anglo-german Lancenal & Co. John ? ? London. Its not working it quite grubby, there are 21 little white button and it looks like the typical Lacenal. I think it may have a value and id like to sell it to raise some funds for myself. Any ideas on what its worth? :unsure:Have a really great day youall
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