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    Irish flute, whistle, concertina. Blues, jazz, old-time guitar and mandolin.
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  1. This concertina is now spoken for. Tim, at this point I've moved most of what I had to sell. I do have a nice rosewood Sweetheart D whistle I might part with. Also a blackwood O'Brien 'Rover' C/D set. (I've got one more flute, but can't bear to part with that yet.) If you're interested, PM me to discuss prices. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, folks. I try to check in frequently. Yes, it's still available. You can contact me at chasgravel --- at --- gmail dot com. Thanks.
  3. Still available. Will entertain reasonable offers.
  4. I commissioned this new Morse Ceili Anglo in April of 2014, and took posession in June. Very soon thereafter, I received devastating health news. I am now disabled, and liquidating my instruments: flutes, whistles, mandolin, banjo...... (sigh). Most are already sold, but I've held on to the 'tina', because it's amazing, and I wasn't ready to let go of it. Sadly, now's the time. This is a 30-key Morse 'Ceili' model, tuned C/G, satin black finish, with Jeffries-style fingering layout. Serial# 1162. It has been gently played in, but is in basically "as-new" condition. Includes the fitted hardshell case and papers, (I assume the five-year warrantee will transfer with it). I'm asking $2100, and will pay for insured shipping in the U.S. only. (Have had bad experiences with international shipping).
  5. I'm another fresh starter on concertina, (though a long-time player of a couple of fantastic McGee flutes!). After four short weeks of squeezing, I'm finding tunes pretty easily in all the standard session keys without a tutor. I agree that it makes sense to make use of the many online resources out there, but my best advice is always: Time With Your Instrument!
  6. Hello, Noel. Just wanted to express thanks from another concertina newbie, (coming from flute/whistle/mandolin). I'm playing a Rochelle as I await a new Morse C/G Anglo from Sunderland. I decided to work at playing 'across the rows' right from the very beginning, and not to shy away from scary things ---- the key of D, in particular! Really a fun and challenging instrument! I've found a few decent keyboard layouts, and some good narrative from David Levine and others. Yours is also a good approach, and will be useful.
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