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  1. Here in the states we have this “phenomena” called “open mic”. The idea is to go to supporting restaurants, clubs and bars and play three or more tunes. This takes a lot of nerve, as you are mostly by yourself in front of an audience of people who are complete strangers. I have been doing this for a number of years and the purpose of this post, is to open up discussion, seek advice relate experience for others to maybe join the “open mic concertina circuit”. My “go to concertina” is a Lachenal 20 key Anglo C/G. I have found that, if you can sing in c/g, fewer keys are better. I have tried to play my wonderful Lachenal E/C but it is difficult to play, standing up and the thumb straps are just waiting to send the instrument “flying” which would be some performance crescendo! Putting my thumbs completely in the E/C straps is not practical (for me) though, I have seen many wonderful professionals (Jeff Warner, L Killen) play the E/C with great success on stage. Since I have been doing open mics, I have never seen another concertina performance (besides myself). I do get a lot of attention when I bring that little “squeeze box” out of its case, and do my best to give a presentable performance. Your thoughts, suggestions ideas, please. Thanks
  2. What you now have is a good start. You can always upgrade as time goes by. I play an AC (and sing along) at various open mic's around. As long as you can sing in the key of C or G you will be fine. Twenty buttons will work fine also. Try and work on singing along with your playing (carols, folk songs, etc). You can get by using an AC, but an EC allows playing in many other keys. Lots of good advice here on this forum, and Youtube. Have fun!
  3. Most days, I have just enough energy to lift (and try and play) my concertina. For those with an interest in Morris dancing, the following link may be of benifit for following what is being said in this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMNxlriPiEs Regards, Ed
  4. Hello Bruce When you get a price worked up, please post on the forum. I am now just beginning a search for an English Lachenal. Thanks Ed
  5. Thanks, was reading to fast and missed that. I'll try and get a hold of the owner or if he reads this please contact me at: downnlock@aol.com Again, thanks Ed
  6. I am interested in the Lachenal. Is it tuned to CG? Thanks
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