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  1. Hi, You won't be able to play any other accidentals on a 20 button....except for f# on the G row. Still, you'll find tons of tunes that you can play either in the key of C or in G. You can also transpose tunes so that they fit onto the instrument....do you know how to do that? You'll get a good feel for the instrument by learning the basics on a 20 button.....still, if I were you I'd start a saving plan for the upgrade that you'll need in the future Phil
  2. Here's a photograph. http://www.xanga.com/skin.asp?user=groeswenphil All the best, Phil
  3. http://www.btinternet.com/~groeswenphil/ I built this site originally for a group of recorder players. The site features images of the sheet music, toghether with a background midi file to play along to. I'm pretty sure though that some of the tunes might prove useful to the concertina. I'd appreciate some feedback. Philip Edwards, Groeswen, South Wales
  4. Just read the article about South African Concertinas. I've got one of those.....I'd be interested to find out a bit more about it. I bought it about 15 years ago from Marcus Music in South Wales. It's hexagonal, with 40 buttons, metal ends. At the time, he had two in stock. I believe they'd been imported by Hohner. One of the instruments had the name HOHNER stamped on the bellows in huge white letters. The other one had no name at all....I bought that one. I can't remeber how much I paid for it....although £250 sort of rings a bell. At the time, I remember Marcus didn't think too much of the instrument. He said that it had been really well built but had melodeon reeds fitted. He told me that had it been a melodeon, then it would be a really good one. I've played it for 15 years....sometimes not as often as I should...and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. It still plays, looks and feels much the same as when it was new. It's a bit heavy if anything. I always play it with one end resting on a knee. I wonder who bought the other one? Philip Edwards, Groeswen, South Wales
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