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  1. I have a Marcus D/G.


    Don't know for sure, but I don't think it would be louder than a Crane.

    It is a gorgeous instrument though.

    I try playing it outside for Morris, but it really isn't loud enough for that.

    Does well in sessions though.

    Fast and responsive except down the bottom end of the G row.


    I'm convinced that playing the Anglo concertina pushes Alzheimer's syndrome five years further down the road.


  2. Go for it. Personally I found the transition easy as so many concertina skills simply transferred.

    I now find that loads of my repertoire can be played equally badly on both instruments although strangely, some tunes only appear dooable on one or the other.


    To start with, you won't go far wrong with a Pokerwork.....and to my mind it has a sound that sounds so right when played for Morris.


    At the moment, I play one of the new Hohner Morgane melodeons...Lovely and not too expensive either. It still has that classic Hohner sound, so unlike the more modern Italian jobs.


    You don't need a three row....not yet anyway. Remember, the more buttons that you have, the greater the weight that you have to carry. However, some melodeons come with the two top buttons, the two nearest your chin tuned to four accidentals. This can be really useful. Others will have some deeper notes on those buttons. Decide which you think you'll prefer.


    Good luck,


  3. That is pretty much the way that I started, but I bought a 20 button East German Hohner. The thing that I learned was that I really loved playing Anglo, but within a very short period of time I'd upgraded to a 30 button Lachenal.

    Your alternative is to buy something more expensive, then if you discover that concertina isn't for you, you'll be able to sell your concertina and probably not make a loss. If on the other hand you buy your black pearl, you probably won't recover the cost if you decide that you don't like it.


    Take a look at this.




    or this





  4. As a general rule of thumb, decide how much you can afford, then find a way to double that amount of cash.

    Selling a kidney might be a good idea.

    Concertinas are funny things. They look so innocent but can take a huge chunk out of your earnings. Melodeons on the other hand cost a lot less and make a lot more noise.......sorry music.



  5. Motley Morris squire Peter Hargreaves was absolutely spot on by refusing to perform without black faces.

    Had they done so, the next step would have been the removal of the witches from Macbeth.

    Then the murders would have been taken away too and we'll all live in a society where the only cultural diversion will be a Starbuck's coffee.



  6. Anybody know the correct name for this tune? Cardiff Ladies Morris call it "Corner" but I suspect that it might have a slightly more auspicious title.

    Feel free to say anything you like about this tune as it is nowhere near my list of favourites.


  7. I've been playing a Marcus G/D for about two years now.

    I have not a single complaint. It's a gorgeous instrument.

    Personally, I'm convinced.......although nobody else has mentioned this.............it has made me a better player.

    I don't know whether this is because the action and the volume are miles better than my old instrument.......or could it be that it just makes me want to play it more often.


    You know, he's making a little mini model now called The Traveler.



  8. Duet or Melodeon..................it's all down to future life expectancy.

    Have you asked your doctor?


    Seriously.......changing from Anglo to Duet would be as easy as a saxophonist taking up the violin. They might look similar but that's where the similarity ends.

    On the other hand...........I started with concertina then bought a melodeon.....almost instantly i could play another instrument. If anything, melodeons are easier than concertina.


    Also....would you even get a duet for your budget....BUT....I've just bought a Hohner Morgane; a new instrument from Hohner and it is absolutely gorgeous and excellent value for money.




  9. I've played for about 20 years now...........on a three row and even a forty button.


    Some people would say I play quite well.....others would differ, but I manage to keep two Morris sides focussed most of the time....although again, that's not saying much.


    My New Year's resolution was to try to get to grips with the third row.

    This has been my New Year's resolution for at least ten years.


    It still mystifies me most of the time.............EXCEPT for a few really useful buttons.


    Left hand side 5. This lets you play a really useful F chord.


    Left hand 2........same notes as C row left 1.......but the other way around. Ever so useful.

    Similarly Right hand 2.........can't think for the moment what it does but it's REALLY USEFUL.


    Also, I've just discovered Right hand 3 gives you a really useful black note.


    SO........to cut to the chase, You could get twenty years of fun and freedom before you even get to need too many notes from the third row. Some people might say learn to play stuff that you enjoy using the two main rows and someday soon, you'll find out why you need the third row. Others might not agree.


    In the meantime, do what you do do best.


  10. I know Marcus Music did a slightly smaller box for a customer, I got to see it at Witney last year and I fell in love. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't for sale.


    Here's a photo, next to one of his normal sized boxes. Not a whole lot smaller, but smaller than the average.




    The Marcus Music website is now showing the Traveller model on sale at £1250 UK.

    21 button Anglo....looks gorgeous.





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