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  1. Great resources and very helpful advice. Thank you all. Hopefully it won't be too many months and I'll have something to post for you to listen to!
  2. I'm working through the tutor. I figured I would use it to start and at least learn all the button/note placements and once through it I'll see if there is any instruction to be had on Skype. I read music, but really only what I needed to play bagpipes, which means only nine notes, so now I have to learn the rest of the scale as well so that's slowing down my sight reading quite a bit, but I'll be better for knowing it. Joe
  3. Great advice, thank you both! I have my work cut out but it's so much fun, the hard part is putting it down.
  4. I recieved my first concertina over the weekend, an Elise. I 'm having a great time with it. The trick will be teaching my brain to move the left hand in sync with the right. For now I can play melody or harmony, but not both. Any tips, other than put in the practice time? While it will be some time before I can play anything of substance, I am amazed how easy it is to play simple tunes on it. Really, just pushing random buttons almost always produces good combinations. Very different from playing bagpipes, which is my normal musical interest. My dogs like it MUCH beter than the pipes too. Joe
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