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  1. My wife says that my bad habit is playing the concertina.
  2. I acquired a Rochelle less than a year ago and have enjoyed the OAIM tutor as well. I had played in the high school band and had played a little piano so I knew how to read music -- 35 years ago. Although I began my concertina education relying heavily on standard music notation, a month ago I decided to put away all the paper and to learn and play only by ear. It has been frustrating, fun and very rewarding -- and a whole new learning experience. I still have a long way to go. In hindsight, I wish that I had NOT used written music from day one on the concertina. As noted above, the concertina is a perfect instrument to play to pick out a tune. And your OAIM videos -- playing with them over and over -- is a great way to begin your education. As you get more experienced, you may also want to use a music slowdowner app, which allows you to slow down a tune, without changing the pitch. Best wishes on your journey. You are asking all the right questions.
  3. Any ideas on the source of this "flattering" deposit? lacquer? coffee? glue?
  4. Reading the body language (arm folded, legs pointed away) and facial expression on the nurse, she might have been more of an EC fan.
  5. Yup. The listing is gone from Ebay.
  6. Does this look suspect? www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-C-Jeffries-anglo-concertina-/122607141104?hash=item1c8bf480f0:g:4WAAAOSwFXNZb8n9
  7. Since it's for a fellow Coloradan, I looked on the Home Depot website, where I recently had to purchase metric machine screws for another purpose. Picture of product on website appears inaccurate, but the description sounded right. Description was "M3-0.5 x 50mm Philips Square Flat-Head Machine Screws". (I could not figure out how to post a link to the product). I defer to the worldwide panel of experts on all things concertina. But, hey, I spend a lot of time in Home Depot.
  8. Reviving this ancient thread. I started playing less than a year ago and am looking for fellow anglo players in Denver. i play a Rochelle and am now considering the big upgrade.
  9. A few months ago, I purchased a new Rochelle from the Button Box and have been working my way back and forth through Bertram Levy's book, Anglo Concertina Demystified, as well as some of the lessons available on www.oaim.ie. Levy comes with a CD. He does a nice job of introducing the novice player to all three rows and several different keys. Your note above motivated me to find Shepherd's Hey. So thank you, what a pleasure that tune is! Still wish I could find an arrangement for the Kyckling (Chicken) Polka for Anglo. The Rochelle has lived up to its reputation as a quality instrument for beginners. I have a concern that for me it will be the "gateway drug" to a rare and high priced instrument -- Cielo maybe? Are there other suggestions from the Forum regarding where a committed beginner with less than a year playing should spend a couple thousand? I too am in Denver and hope to spend a little time in the Boston area trying out the fancy stuff.
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