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  1. And you can now do so here: www.ptollemy.com Cheers Morgana
  2. I think it would still be useful to have a list of what has been released over the years, whether it's vinyl, cassette, etc. For example I'm tracked down a source for Chris Droney's "Irish Dance Music" that is cassette on. Perhaps I should change the name to "Concertina Recording reviews" RE Chris Droney - I've come a source (session.org) that listed Chris Droney's "Irish Dance Music" and his album "The Flowing Tide" as having identical track listings. Does anyone know if this correct? Cheers Morgana
  3. Hi Henrik - Not quite sure what happened there, but link mended Cheers Morgana
  4. Henrik you were sorely missed! Henk I found one, on the recording of the get together on the Saturday night! It will be up on my webpage soon [along with the sound files of mine you already have, as my new site allows linking if you want to save bandwidth on yours ] Cheers, Morgana
  5. Hi all A short review (with lots of photos!) is now up at my new website: www.ptollemy.com I've also started a Concertina CD review web page [which is intended to complement not compete with the one here - Paul has already given me his blessing ] A massive task which will probably be a permanent work-in-progress, at the moment I am concentrating on getting up basic details such as cover art and track listings. At present most in my collection are mainly Anglo solo, duo or trio based, and but I hope to branch out into listings for English/Duet as well as bands such as Providence, Teada etc as my collection grows. Here is a list of the concertina CDs I have at present; if you have any that I don't have (or isn't listed on the music page on this site), I would really appreciate a posting here just to let me know the artist and album title, so I can add them to list of CDs to track down: - Terry Bingham: Traditional Music from Doolin, Co. Clare - Mick Bramich: The Irish Concertina - Ger and Martha Clancy: Paper Bird - Jack and Charlie Coen: - The Branch Line - Tim Collins: Dancing on Silver - Gerard Commane & Joe Ryan: Two Gentlemen of Claire Music - Elizabeth Crotty: Concertina Music from West Clare - Cathy Custy: An Ceoltoir Fanach - Chris Droney: The Fertile Rock - Kitty Hayes: A Touch of Clare - Hugh and Colm Healy: Macalla na hOige - Noel Hill: The Irish Concertina - Noel Hill: The Irish Concertina 2 - Noel Hill: Noel Hill and Tony Linnane - Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon: I GCnoc Na Grai - Claire Keville, John Wier & Eithne Ni Dhonaile: An Tri is a Rian - Mary MacNamara: Traditional Music from East Clare - Mary MacNamara: The Blackberry Blossom - Mary MacNamara and Andrew MacNamara: Open Hearth - Jacqueline McCarthy: The Hidden Note - Tommy McCarthy: Sporting Nell - Gearoid O hAllmhurain: Traditional Music from Clare and Beyond - Gearoid O hAllmhurain & Parick Oureau: Tracin' - Michael O Raghallaigh: The Nervous Man - Tony O'Connell & Andy Morrow (With Arty McGlynn) : Self-titled - Jason O'Rouke: The Bunch of Keys - Jason O'Rouke: Rogery Road - Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon: Clare Concertinas - Brian Peters: Anglophilia - Padraig Rynne: Bye a while - Niall Vallely: Concertina CD Rom Tutorial - Niall & Callan Vallely: Callan Bridge - Niall Vallely: Beyond Words - Various: Anglo International - John Williams: (Self titled) - John Williams: Steam I'd also eventually like to add a cross reference of tracks to albums (but that is a longer term thing). See, insomnia can be a productive thing Cheers, Morgana [Edited to correct spelling errors - Thanks Jim ]
  6. I know a few phrases in Scots Gaelic.. and a friend did try to teach me some Tetum but it didn't stick [no corny jokes please! ] But I digress Thank you again Samatha for organsing a fabulous weekend, and please put Martin and I down for 2007!
  7. Did anyone make a recording on Samatha's class on Arran tunes, as this is the only thing I tried to record that didn't work out! We arrived back in Oz an hour and a half ago, so I have only just arrived home, but will post more with photos/recordings etc hopefully sometime soon Thanks again, Cheers Morgana
  8. Hi from Sunny Donegal (Ireland)! The Arran weekend was fabulous! A big thank you to Samatha for organizing it all, to everyone for participating, and especially to Henk for his pearls of wisdom We should have come back to Sam's to party on as the 8.10 am ferry was cancelled, and the 11 am diverted to Gourock. A long story, of which I won't go into right now... We'll be back in Oz the first week in November, so hopefully photos/ mpegs/ weekend diary will be up on my website sometime not too long after. (URL will be advised Thanks again, and see you all again in 2007! (Helen - hoping you will be there too
  9. Excellent! I would love to try out one of Bob's concertinas, and am really looking forward to it! See you all in just over a week! Morgana
  10. Derek: What can I say - the better team won; that's how it goes. Helen: We could take it in turns; Southern Hemisphere one year, northern hemisphere the next Jim: Ouch on the petrol prices! Maybe we should write an tune called "Forget the oil crisis and buy a whiskey!"
  11. Derek: Which equals AUD$2.32 a litre. We are currently paying AUD$1.27 which is pretty high for us. Works out around 53 pence. Helen: 2007 then - it's a date! (Forget Canada - let's start our own concertina school! *hee hee* )
  12. Hey Derek, Thanks to the wonderous of modern technology we even have airports and planes down here! Fortuantely we don't have your petrol prices!
  13. "Ciamar a tha thu?" is just about all I can remember... Actually I'm told that Ulster Irish and Scottish are very similiar, so we'll see how I go . My Irish is a little more comprehensive (I can at least talk about the weather )
  14. Helen you must come to the one the year after too, coz Martin and I won't be able to get back until then, and I do so want to finally meet
  15. I couldn't access this website (error messages only) and really want to buy a copy. Is mail order from the Button Box my only option? (Seems a very round about way to to order a copy from the US of a UK produced cd to be delivered to Australia )
  16. We'll see you in the bar too! Cheers Morgana (and Martin )
  17. Only that he runs "Celtic Southern Cross", a mail order music business in Tassie (I used to be a semi-regular customer). Sorry I can't be of more help.
  18. Yay, way to go Helen! I definitely agree with Stuart in that learning by ear is sometimes the harder road in the beginning, but it is totally worth it. I find that the tunes I learnt by ear "stick" and are a alot easier to remember than the ones I learnt by dots.
  19. I just wanted to say that as this weekend draws ever nearer I can't wait to pick up my "newish" Lachanael and finally get to meet you all on the Arran isle!
  20. Actually I would have thought that 200 was an over estimation - more like 100 at the most. So where are they all hiding? They must all be north of the border (in NSW).
  21. I firend of mine suggested that when travelling overseas I keep my concertina (in its case) inside an old bag designed to carry nappies (diapers). Not such a bad idea... Last time I made a shoulder bag for the case by modifiying a second hand army duffle bag... same theory I guess
  22. My concertina always travels with us on holidays. We're going back to the UK again in September, and it is definitly coming with us... in fact our first stop is to visit Andrew Norman to pick up a restored Lachanel. Whenever we make the four hour drive up the country to visit family I always take the concertina and play in the car. My darling hubby likes to listen to me play, so that is never a problem either (Edited to correct poor spelling )
  23. I'll be in Clare in October if you feel like a cuppa/pint
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