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  1. I've definitely got that one on the list already. Would it be possible for you to send me a track listing to include on the site? Cheers Morgana
  2. Hi all I've just come across some amazing old photos of Australia concertina players, as part of the National Library of Australia's online collection. If you are interested, here is the link: http://www.musicaustralia.org/apps/MA Cheers Morgana
  3. We visited Stephen in his new shop in mid October when we were in Ireland. He was fine then, but obviously very busy, so hopefully he'll pop up again here soon.
  4. I do have the Griffin iTalk for my iPod, but never use it. It's great for recording talking/lectures etc, but lousy for recording music, which ends up sounding muffled and muddy. I'd be happy to send you a small demo file of music recorded with the iTalk if that helps. What do you plan to be using it for? Cheers Morgana
  5. Martin has a C Melody Sax, but shape/curve of the mouth peice is very unergonomic and not comfortable to play. We are currently researching new mouth pieces. However the Soprano is his favourite, and who am I to complain if it means I just *have* to get another concertina?
  6. There have been a lot of concertina scams coming out of China. I report a lot of them because at the moment I am trying to learn about what kind of prices concertinas go for/what they might be worth, so I tend to recognise a lot them, especially if they have photos. Hadn't picked this one as a scam though, although I did wonder about the ID, and I'm always reluctant to be the first buyer from anyone [although I guess someone has to be ]
  7. For the holiday seasons I would like any of the following: - A tedrow mini; - A work shop complete with tools for my concertina exploration; - A nice Anglo in Eb/Bb or Bb/F so I can play along with my husband's saxophones; - Direct and regular access to BBC Northern Ireland and TG4 (Ireland) TV programs; - And two return tickets to the 2006 Arran Concertina Event! But I will settle for.... Chris Droney's new album. Or a new set of minature screwdrivers (for opening concertinas). Cheers, Morgana
  8. I'm fortunate enough to be able to use a nice microphone left over from my husbands band days, which works well with my PC. As far as your performance, if you get a chance to set up your own recording at home, I would recommend doing lots of takes, just to get used to being recorded. Many years ago back in my harp days I make a demo Cd with a very talented electric guitarist friend of mine, and I was certainly a lot more relaxed about being recorded once I got used to it. Which isn't to say I was perfect every time - some days are magic, and some days you just deleted everything, but it's a learning curve. Good luck with the recording, and please let us know how you go. Cheers Morgana
  9. Perhaps someone just always wanted a mental-ended Lachanel. Having built harps kits in the past (harmonic curve/pillar already intact), there is something incredibly satifying about playing an instrument you built or restored yourself. What does surprise me is the prices that are being asked for 20 button C/G Anglos, but then I'm still trying to learn the value/market, so maybe it's just me.
  10. I took the left side apart this evening. (More photos added to the webpage). The good news is that the left buttons are in a much better state than the right ones. The bad news is that there is rust just about everywhere. I think Richard hit the nail on the head when he said it looked as if it had suffered fire damage. That would certainly explain some of the exterior damage where the outside side layer of the action box has lifted away, and on closer inspection, what I thought was a lot of mold on the bellows is more than likely smoke damage. (See new photos). The left reed pan is firmly held in place (with glue I think) and didn't pop out easily like the right one, but the fact that the right end has sustained a lot more damage could explain this. As a side note, I think at one stage this concertina was green, the colour of the hand strap that still has some colour left in it. Rather than making me despondent, all this exploration is just making me more interested in what I am finding. I'd like to start slowly and carefully cleaning out the white dust/mold in the bellows and start to think about other small tasks I can start on. But I need to do some more reading/research first. I'm concerned about any bellows cleaning tast with the left red pan still attached, as I don't want to just spread the fine dust on to it. Lots to think about Thanks for reading, Morgana
  11. Wow, thank you for all the replies and good advice! This concertina was never intended to be anything else but something for me to learn and explore. Something I could pull a part, make mistakes etc and hopefully gain a little knowledge and experience. So whilst it may seem like I have bitten off more than I can chew, consider it more of an autopsy rather than a resurrection. Cheers Morgana
  12. Hi Well I've finally taken the plunge and bought an old 20 button Anglo from Ebay, so I can start learn about the inner mysteries of concertinas! The concertina arrived yesterday, and I opened the right hand side this evening. Wow! There is certainly a lot going on in there! The concertina has obviously suffered from dampness at sometime. My immediate concern is that there is a lot of fine white powder, which I'm assuming is a mold or fungus [the outside of the bellows have old mold stains on them too]. What is the best way to remove it? With a fine brush? Also the reeds are rusty. If I use a fine wet and dry sandpaper will this damage them? [i'm still looking for through the Concertina maintenance manual for any advice on this ] If anyone is interested, I've posted some photos on my website: http://ptollemy.tripod.com/project/ With thanks, Morgana
  13. I just wish we could get BBC1 (Ireland) or TG4, for their great Traditional Irish music shows. Oh well, I'll just have to settle for my Comhaltas Live (TV) Internet subscription
  14. I'm really interested at trying my hand at restoring an old Anglo concertina. I have the excellent "Concertina Repair Manual", and thought I'd try to find a low end, cheap, beat up concertina on ebay as my first project, reasoning that: [a] all the really good ones will be snapped up by other people, and better to start my hands on learning on a less valuable instrument to make my mistakes on. I was wondering, is there something you know now about concertina restoration that you really wished you'd known when you started out? [i'm busy reading all the past postings, trying to learn as much as I can.] With thanks Morgana
  15. 15 fraudulant concertina listings, one after the other by "hgjrtd". Some of the listings this person has copied have not even finished yet! (These listings have been reported to Ebay, and I've notified one of our members who is affected).
  16. I had a Stagi NL15 for my first instrument. Like you, I didn't have a lot of money to spend. and I was very happy with it. (I played it merrily for two years before I upgraded) Stagis are not to everyone's taste, but I found it a great first instrument. What you didn't mention is whether you were after an Anglo or an English concertina. The prices between the two can vary quite a bit. Cheers Morgana
  17. Great web site Allison! And I love the sound files
  18. Yes, not bad since I've only been back in the contry four days! Thank you for the track titles Cheers Morgana
  19. Exactly! We even had a couple of very welcome members who didn't play concertina at all (although I'd heard that one has taken it up since! ) Hey if nothing else, go for the food - it was delcious!
  20. I'll probably mainly concentrate on solo/duo/trios that include a concertina, with a short text list of bands and their albums (no track listings or reviews) and any links to the above I can find. It is probably a massive task in case, but one that I think is definitely worth it.
  21. I would highly recommend going no matter what your playing level. While the playing ability of this year's group was light years ahead of mine, it was just so great to be able to share a love of the music and the instrument. I learnt a lot, had lots of fun,made some good friends and got to try some amazing instruments. But hey if you can't make it next year, see you in 2007!
  22. Hi Paul, I would really like to widen it to all concertina music. At the moment the page has a slant towards Irish concertina music as this is what I play, and thus tend to collect. I think it would be really useful to have a listing of as many styles/recordings as possible so that people like me can learn just how diverse it all really is. Eventually as the page expands I will start listing the material in categories by style (i.e. Irish, Morris etc), and whilst I know I can't possible hope to get a copy of every concertina recording every made I can certainly try! Cheers Morgana
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