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  1. Hi Everyone. Thank you all for your input and support - I really appreciate it. I've just added two new profiles to the site: Alan Day and Bob Tedrow. Cheers, Morgana
  2. Hi Lars, So far I've only added people to the list on the webpage who have already kindly agreed to take part. I'm still waiting to hear back from half a dozen or so. Cheers, Morgana
  3. That's exactly what it looks like! Or alternatively would make a great bag for the beach [togs and towel ]
  4. Hi everyone For a bit of fun, I've just added a new section to my website called: "Five Questions With..." - a series of mini-interviews with concertina players, builders and enthusiasts. I've just posted the first three interviews - John Williams, Jacqueline McCarthy and Jody Kruskal, and more are in progress (including our very own Paul Schwartz!] The profiles can be found here: http://ptollemy.tripod.com/profiles/profiles.html. I hope you enjoy them. Cheers, Morgana
  5. Hi Mike, and Welcome There are lots of great resources on the Concertina.net learning page. If like me, you learn best from watching, I also highly recommend the Mad4Trad CDRom or the the John Williams Video or DVD. Although both of these players use a 30 button, there is plenty there to keep you busy on your 20 button. [Actually I have an extra copy of the John Williams DVD - if you'd like to email me your address through this site, I would be more than happy to send it to you ] Hard cases are great for protecting your instrument, but they don't have to be a hexagonal shape. Concertinas are best stored on their sides, not resting on one end, as this tend to put too much pressure on them, and can end up damaging them in the long run. My hard case for my Lachanel concertina is simple a square box shape; tight enough to stop the concertina moving around, but not too tight that it's a squeeze to get it in and out (no pun intended My hard case for my Norman concertina is a little too big, so I wrap a towel around the concertina to make sure it doesn't move around. [And you'd be surprised how often that towel has come in handy for one thing or another! ] Two other 20 button players I know use ladies solid make-up cases, which they picked up cheaply in second hand stores. Or if you have a father who by the sound of it, is very handy around the house, perhaps you could get him to make one for you. Previous discussion on this site have suggested that a soft form rubber is not good for lining the case, as tiny bits can break off and find their way into your instrument. Anyway hope I haven't rambled on too much, hope this has been of some help. Cheers Morgana
  6. The files in the temporary section were placed there so everyone from last year's ACE could download a copy if they wanted to. Which is why I included all the recordings I had, not just the concertina playing. [it was such a fun night - thanks again Samantha for organising it ]
  7. I too am very sad to hear his passing. Wes put it beautifully in his last line.
  8. Thanks for the link - theses are just fabulous!
  9. In my own (nearly 20 years) internet experience in this and other online communities, there is always a very active minority, and a much quieter majority. There are probably as many reasons for this as there members, some of which have been discussed above. I do think it is great to encourage and invite people to be more active in their participation. However I also think it is up to the individual as to whether they take up the invitation or not. Not rare no, but that doesn't mean that everyone has access to them, or that if even they do, they want to record themselves and post it to the web. I'm not sure what can be done to "higher the motivation" other than to continue to be encouraging and supportive. Alan and Henk did try very hard to get a virtual ensemble happening. I admit that I was one of the people that put up their hand to join in, and I apologise to both Alan and Henk for my lack of contribution and explanation.
  10. My experience is that C.net is a very generous community when it comes to sharing. As for recordings: not everyone has the technology, equipment or inclination. YMMV Cheers Morgana
  11. I always play sitting down, but like my straps to be quite tight/firm otherwise I get into the bad habit of gripping the concertina with my left thumb. I definitely echo the advise above, try a few different tightness and see how it feels. Have fun and Welcome to the wonderful world of concertinas
  12. Finding THE instrument is still an on-going journey of discovery for me. I feel in love with my Norman metal-ended C/G Anglo when I found it (and still do). When I came across my wooden-ended Lachanel and heard it played over the phone, it became "The One". I'll be ordering a miniature next year from Anthony James which I'm very excited about, but I know that (hopefully) it won't be the last concertina I ever buy. I still dream of a saxophone friendly concertina in Eb/Ab or F/Bb, and I just adore the Dipper baritone... Let the maddness never end Morgana
  13. Yule may only be five days away but for some of us the Winter Solitice is not for at least six months! [Great website though ] And yes, a back-up concertina is definitely a good idea Cheers Morgana
  14. Here is Australia goods under $1000 carry no duty. For goods over $1000 it gets complicated. The example given on the Australian Customs webpage shows that an item worth AUD$2000 would be charged a duty of AUD$325.00!
  15. It's ok, we're usually in a back room, tucked out of the way Best of luck with it, Morgana
  16. I definitely agree with Barbara. Yes it's nice if you have the knack for it... but how are you going to know that if you dont try? Way back in my former life when I was teaching folk harp I used to tell my students that "Talent = 1% inspiration and 99% persperation". If you're willing to put the time and effort into it, there's no stopping you. There are fortnightly beginners slow Irish sessions on in town, held alternatively at the Celtic Club in Queen Street, and Father Flanagans Pub in Smith Street, Collingwood. They have already finished up for this year, and from memory start up again in February. If you're interested, drop me a line with your email and I'll pass it on to Mark, who organises these sessions. I'll be around over Christmas/New Year, so if you want to get together for a cuppa and a look at the basics, I'd be more than happy. The best advice given to me when I started was to practice playing a scale to get used to the different notes on the push and pull. If you're interested drop me a line and I'll give you a more detailed run down on how to do this without having to read music . Anyway best of luck with it all, and welcome to Concertina.net Cheers Morgana
  17. From memory it was made as a demo to help Martha secure some gigs (bookings) whilst they were here in Australia a couple of years ago. I bought it from Martha whilst she was in Melbourne and I was having a few lessons with her. It is indeed a lovely recording Cheers Morgana
  18. Hi Mick, Where abouts in Australia are you? There are a few Aussie concertina players lurking around. Cheers Morgana
  19. Hi everyone I've just updated my Concertina Recording Review page to add over 60 new listings (including English, Australian and South Africian music). At this stage a lot of them are just listings of the artist/album but I hope to include track listings, missing album art and review them as I track them down. Cheers Morgana (Edited, as usual, for spelling error)
  20. I agree with Jim's comment. I recorded a session of really talented musicians on the iTalk, and the sound quality was so poor it didn't do them justice at all. I'm also a big fan of the minidisc recorder, which I used very successfully at the Arran Concertina Event this year (gratuitous plug ) RE music to your class from your iPod, I bought a great little speaker system for AUD$25 (approx UDS$18/GBP 11) on ebay and was really surprised at just how good quality it sounded. Hope this helps, Cheers Morgana
  21. There are plenty of Anglo as well as English players on the yahoo Australian concertia players mailing list, many of whom play Irish music, so I think the comment on "the rest of the world" is a little general Cheers Morgana
  22. At least he *is* holding a concertina. A lot of photos of "concertinas" at the State Library of Victoria are acutally button or even piano accordions. At least they got that much right.
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