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  1. Thanks Rhomylly Five Questions with Richard Morse has just been posted. Cheers, Morgana
  2. Hi. Just a quick update to let you know I've just added Padraig Rynne's interview. Do this updates help? [i don't want to bother people if they don't ] Cheers Morgana
  3. Great idea! I'll check my repetoire and get back to you
  4. Hi Another quick note to let you two more profiles have been added: Brian Peters and Australian Jo Cresswell. Cheers Morgana
  5. No problem at my end (Broadband cable connection)
  6. Thank you Jim, I sit corrected. Hand straps, not wrist straps. [Note to self - no more postings after midnight until the sun comes up ] Cheers Morgana
  7. Perhaps the midi-concertina is a much smaller, more specialised market? Which is no reflection on the concertina in question. I know personally I have a long way to go with my current Anglo before I branch out Just a thought, Morgana
  8. Hi Joe, The two most common types of concertina are Anglo and English. On an Anglo you get two different notes per button button depending on whether you push or pull (direction of the bellows). You generally also have wrist straps. On an English concertina you get one note per button regardless of the bellows direction. They also tend to have a small strap for the thumb rather than wrist straps. This is a very very basic description. There are other types of concertinas which I'm sure will be described by members will far more knowledge in this area than I. For a bit of fun, click here for my Free Reeds 101. Hope this helps, Cheers Morgana
  9. Jody's CD is lots of fun. I highly recommend it. [cdBaby is a great site too.] This has been an unpaid announcement. I now return you to your regular scheduled program....
  10. An interview with Wim Wakker has just been added too! Cheers Morgana
  11. I bought my first concertina (a second hand Stagi Anglo) through this site, and have learnt so much thanks to the patience and generosity of C.net members. I was also fortunate enough to meet some of these wonderful people face to face at the Arran Concertina Event last year, which was just the best fun! [No getting rid of me now! ] So please add my thanks to all the hard work that goes into maintaining this site - it is very much appreciated Meanwhile I've ordered my Anglo mini (estimated arriveal mid April) and still lust after an Ango in Bb/F.... Cheers Morgana
  12. Hi Everyone Just a quick note to let you know I've added a couple more profiles: Andrew Norman, Anthony James, David Leese and Harold Herrington. Cheers Morgana www.ptollemy.com
  13. Bandwidth, cost of webspace and copyright issues aside, I agree that one of the charms of Henk's wonderful site is that the tunes are submitted by Cnet members. Rough and ready or highly polished, all submissions are accepted and appreciated. A lot of players who have recorded CDs have their own webpages were sound bites can be heard. With these in addition to Henk's page, I think we are very lucky at the wealth of sound files available Cheers Morgana
  14. I was wondering how he is getting on, but haven't had a call so am assuming all is well
  15. Hi Charlotte. Just wanted to say Hi and wecolme Cheers Morgana
  16. Best of luck Rhomylly! And try not to worry, you'll be fine We'll all be thinking of you. Cheers Morgana
  17. That is definitely the impression I have of him too
  18. Hi Just a quick note to let you know I've just posted four new interviews: Mick Bramich, Jason O'Rourke, Frank Edgley and Wally Carroll. Cheers, Morgana www.ptollemy.com
  19. I did see that as new seller (no feedback) he is trying to see two at that price. I know if I had that kind of money to spend on a concertina [in my dreams ] I would want to be pretty darn sure I knew as much about the seller as possible, that he was reputable etc. Still, at the price I could almost afford a Jefferies... or almost 5 return trips to Ireland!
  20. In addition to Richard's excellent reply... Chromatic is all the keys on a piano [black and white].. Diatonic is just the white keys. [Do ray me so fa la te do]. Simplistic yes, but it's always helped me remember. Cheers Morgana
  21. 1. What makes a style? Can it be learned or one has to be born into tradition? I'm still working on that one. I had a lesson with an Irish lass who could listen to a tune and just *know* if it was a jig or a hornpipe etc. But she couldn't explain to me how she knew. So I'm none the wiser. 7. Have you ever wanted to quit music? Concertina? yes - I quit playing the harp. The concertina? Never. 10. Was it ever that you liked a tune, wanted to learn it and it didn't work? Happens all the time. 12. What are the best three things you like about concertina? The people I meet through playing. The portability. That I don't have to tune them. [Harps need very regularly tuning, and when you two of them, that's a lot of strings ] Cheers Morgana
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