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  1. And not all smokers throw their butts on the ground, hang around doorways or are inconsiderate. There are plenty of us around who do the right thing. I understand that non-smokers don't want to be around smoke. However I do agree that consideration needs to come from both sides. Just my two cents worth. Morgana
  2. I have a Norman metal ended Anglo, which has a lovely bright sound, although I admit I prefer the more mellow tones of my Lachanel. I wouldn't be put off by the so-called "mid range" instruments. Not every one can aspire to own a Jefferies, and there are some great mid-ranger concertinas out there (Normans, Tedrow, Edgleys etc). While there is no substution for trying out an instrument yourself, I think getting someone to play it for you down the phone is a better indication than an mp3 or cd. But sometimes you just have to take what info you can get and go for it You are lucky to be in the US. I would love to get a Tedrow or an Edgley, but the exchange rate and import duty is a killer!
  3. Smoking was banned a couple of years ago in Australia anywhere that served or prepared food (which includes most but not all pubs). There was a great outcry. Business dropped off when it first came into effect, and then slowly returned to normal. Soon smoking in all pubs will be banned. The 1st of March will see smoking banned at all train stations, bus stops and tram stops. As a smoker, I have always tried to be considerate of non-smokers, and have no trouble stepping outside for a quick smoke. However this rarely happens when I'm at a session as I'm usually having way too much fun. Just a few random neurons firing Cheers Morgana
  4. Thanks Kiminca, glad you enjoyed it I've just added some more fabulous photos from Dave Prebble of his Lachanel miniature, and also some great photos from Phillipe Sosman of his Dipper Miniature. (I want both! ) Cheers Morgana
  5. Hi Alan, I have Lea's email somewhere, I'll did it out and send it to you. Cheers Morgana
  6. Yep - MP used Lea Nicholson's version of "The Liberty Bell" in one of their 30th anniversary programs! I joined concertina.net because I was looking for info on concertinas. Bought my first very own concertina through the buy and sell section. Why I'm still here is because generally the forums are filled with interesting, intelligent and sometimes silly threads, all of which I really enjoy. Cheers Morgana
  7. Ah Jim, but surely like me, you can give up anytime? Ok, I admit it - in my case all hope is lost.
  8. Just a quick note to let you know I've just added some fabulous photo, very kindly submitted by Randy Merris and Dave P. Cheers Morgana
  9. Thanks Bellowbell, page corrected. [All these photos are giving me a serious case of concertina envy ]
  10. I have been following this discussion with great interest, and as always on this site, am learning so much [thank everyone ] Just a few words about my review site. The original listing back in November was mostly, if not all, Irish music played on Anglo concertina. This was very much a reflection of my musical background. I have loved Irish music for a very long time, and was a profesional folk harp player for roughly ten years (playing mostly Irish music) before I took up the concertina. So it was a natural progression for me to start playing Irish music on concertina, which lead to collecting Irish music played on concertina. Thus the bias of the listing. This bias was very quickly pointed out (and rightly so), and so I began to expand the list to include other genres. My intial learning curve was almost completely vertical, and I still have a long way to go. So as my musical journey continues my listings will probably still weigh heavily on the Irish side, hopefully eventually evening out a little. The point of this long waffle is that whilst I think my listing is a good start, it is certainly in no way definative. I have been very fortunate to have a few friends who regularly write to me to point out errors, ommissions, or make suggestions and I really appreciate this feedback. From a quick look at the list it certainly might seem that most "most professional concertinists play Irish". Or perhaps more accurately "there are more recordings currently available by concertina players who play Irish music". However again this reflection of my own knowledge may or may not be correct. I am sure there are a lot of "professional" concertina players (i.e. players who make an income of some sort) from their playing who have not yet made recordings. I can only hope that they one day do so. As for general perceptions... My introduction to the concertina world in general was this website. So I never thought of the concertina as an "Irish" instrument. In fact I knew almost nothing at all about concertinas before I played one for the very first time and then found this site. So whilst I probably haven't added much knowledge to this conversation, I am certainly learning a lot, and again I thank you all. [PS One of the best concertina players I ever had the fortune to see in action played Irish, English and European music like a master - on an English concertina!]
  11. Shipping is a big issue in Australia. If the combined value of the concertina AND Frieght is under AUD$1000 then no customs. But once it's over that magic number, you pay on the item AND on the frieight and a service fee on top of that! And this is not even taking into consideration the exchange rate Aus to rest of the world. *sigh* Oh well. Just more incentive to buy a concertina every time I travel. So far so good - two trips, two concertina
  12. Dave - not fussy - it is my fault for not getting it right the first time Bellowbabe - thanks the photo, it's a great one.
  13. Thatnks for the URL Dave, and a good idea, although I did think that with my home page in my sig, people just click on that , then then on to the profiles page. Cheers Morgana
  14. Dave - please accept my apologies! As Jim will testify, spelling is not my strongest point! I've have corrected the errors. kind regards Morgana
  15. A big thank you to everyone for their photos, info and time. I really appreciate the support. (And am happy to receive any future contributions ) The page is now up and can be found at: http://ptollemy.tripod.com/mini/mini.html Kind regards Morgana
  16. Thanks Jim, that is incredibly helpful. Kind regards, Morgana
  17. Hi Jim, and thanks for the very good questions. My perception of a mini concertina are those with a minimum number of buttons, the size of Bob Tedrow's concertiny, the minis made by Andrew Norman and Anthony James, or the Jones and Wheastone (thank you Bob H. for the photos), as these are the ones I am most familiar with. My learning curve, as usual, is straight up. Am I correct in thinking that these fit the general assumption of what a miniature concertina is? I haven't yet seen the Dipper "County Clare: but hopefully will some time in the future. My personal feeling is that a concertina with 30 buttons is probably larger than a mini, and would be called a small concertina. Would this be correct? All feedback greatly appreciated. kind regards Morgana
  18. In my on-going obsession with concertinas, I'd working on a new page for my web site (yes another one!), focusing on mini-concertinas. One of the things I would really like to do is to put up as many photos of mini concertinas as I can get, along with any details such as make, model, size, key etc. So I was wondering if anyone out there had any photos, info etc that they would like to contribute? (All copyright of photos etc will remain with the contributor etc etc). And a big thank you for those who have already kindly sent me some material. kind regards Morgana
  19. Lots of sympathy heading you weay. Hope your fingers heal soon. Cheers Morgana
  20. Interestingly, I didn't think it was that highly ornamented - maybe I was just enjoying it too much to notice. Time for another listen I think (not that I needed an excuse ) Cheers Morgana
  21. Hi Bob, What are the dimensions of your mini? I don't have the exact size of mine (curently on order) which is in G/D (although I will certainly ask). General question to the experienced builders out there - is there much difference in size between a G and an A reed? Cheers Morgana
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