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  1. I also emailed Helen on an alternative email address; it didn't bounce and I'll let you know if I get an answer. Kind regards Morgana
  2. Don't worry Rhomylly, it's been well loved and looked after
  3. Just a quick note to report that "Bigsqueezergeezer" (a.k.a. Derek) is alive and well, last spotted at the Father Flanghan's Irish Pub in Melbourne (Australia), singing in fine form! Cheers Morgana
  4. Parcel two arrived today, it all fitted together beautifully, and I just love it! As promised, photos can be found here. Cheers, Morgana
  5. The first parcel had both ends (beautifully packaged), and the second parcel (yet to arrive) has the bellows and the wooden concertina case. So I'm sorry Jim, I can't answer you question. I will certainly be posting photos on my website when it's arrived, and put together. Kind regards Morgana
  6. The first half of my new miniature concertina arrived in the mail this afternoon. Now I just have to wait for the other half to arrive, screw it together, and I can play! Waiting for the second part is definitely worse than waiting for the first . (In case youre wondering I had it sent in to parcels to save a couple of hundred dollars on GST(VAT)/inport duty. The entire concertina was way over the dollar value limit, but each half is well under. A convenient and very legal loophole.) The two were posted only two days apart, so hopefully I'll have more good news early next week. Morgana
  7. How I miss TG4! We even looked at the expensive of getting sattalite here in Oz, but unfortunately TG4 wasn't available even with that. Thanks for the great photo Peter Kind regards Morgana
  8. Thanks for all your imput, muchly appreciated. I do play along with CDs and use a slow-down program on my PC for a lot of my practice. I also listen to a lot music, so I guess I'm just on one of those long plateaus and just have to keep plodding along. Kind regards Morgana
  9. I'm also a big fan of Transcribe, as you can save the alterations into a new file. I didn't like Audcity, buy your mileage may vary Cheers Morgana
  10. Hi Bruce, Thank you for trying anyway, the effort is muchly appreciated. Kind regards Morgana
  11. Hi all, I have tried all avenues to get my hands on a copy of Chris Droney's "The Flowing Tide" with out success; does anyone out there had a copy they would be willing to part with? Cassette, Vinyl Record, MP3, I'm not fussed at the format. If you can help please drop me a line through this forum. With thanks Morgana
  12. Deleted due to duplication. Cheers Morgana
  13. Thank you Barbara, I'm glad you're enjoying it. A book? Perhaps one day, anything is possible. In the meantime there is still so much to learn! Kind regards Morgana
  14. Hi Just a quick update to let you know that I've posted an interview with Dr Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin. Cheers Morgana
  15. Hi all Just another update to let you know that I've just added some photos of Miniatures by Jones, Haxton and Richard Evans. Cheers Morgana www.ptollemy.com
  16. Hi all, For those of your that are spread out across the world, without a regular session or teacher, how do you stay motivated to pick up the concertina and play? Kind regards Morgana
  17. James' rendition of "When Rita Leaves" was definitely one of the highlights for me of last year's ACE. [Great photo Hilary ]
  18. Unfortunately Mary's website has been down for over six months, and her email address no longer works either. I also hope that it is back up and running soon. Cheers Morgana
  19. Hi Corbin and welcome I know I'm one lone voice against the tide, but not all Stagis are created equal. I had a Stagi for 12 months, I loved it and it held me in good stead. And I would still have it, except that I stumbled across a Norman Anglo in a shop in Cork (whilst we were on Holiday in Ireland). Then last year I bought my gorgeous restored Lachanel - a beatiful, warm little box that I adore. I'm also waiting not so patiently for my James miniature Anglo.... and I'm sure they'll be other concertinas in my future. There is no cure to this additcitve, but the up side is Concertina.net is one hell of a support group! If you're interested, the story of my concertinas is on my webiste: www.ptollemy.com Cheers Morgana
  20. I wish Martin and I could be there this year, but will just have to hang out until 2007. So to anyone that is attending this year, please take lots of photos and if possible, sound files. We'll be thinking of you all Cheers Morgana
  21. Hi Mike, and welcome I'm an Anglo player, partly because it was the first one I ever tried and it didn't take long for the push-pull of the different notes to make sense. Last year I also had the chance at the Arran Concertina Event to try and a duet and I really like it. So that might one day be in the hands too! I haven't tried an English yet, and I confess it's the lack of wrist straps that put me off. I have very small hands and have been prone to a few musical-related injuries over the years, and don't like the idea of using my smallest finger to stablise the instrument. However this is just me, and don't let put you off. I agree that if you get a chance to try all three systems, go for it! You'll know which one feels right for you. And whilst it is more common for Irish music to be played on an Anglo, there are certainly many fine players all systems, playing whatever music moves them. In fact one of the most amazing players of Irish music I've ever had the pleasure to hear first hand was playing an English concertina. (Hi Nils! ) I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of the awesome CD compilation "Anglo International", which has a wealth of tunes from many musical traditions, showcasing just what a versitile instrument the concertina is. A follow-up companion "English and Duet International" is also in the works, and there are also many other fine recordings around celebrating the concertina. Anyway enough of my ramblings, and again welcome Cheers Morgana
  22. Thanks Peter, muchly appreciated. Cheers Morgana
  23. Besides" The Anglo Concertina Demystified" has Bertram Levy ever published any music books of his arrangements? (Yes yes I know, I should learn them from the recordings - I'm trying! ) Cheers Morgana
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