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  1. Hi Sharron, I am also trying to source this CD; if I have any luck I'll let you know. Cheers, Morgana
  2. My lesson with Mary was fantastic! She was very down to earth and friendly, and approachable. I've been playing concertina for about year, on a stagi, and as I've only had my Norman for a couple of days, I was still getting used to the fingerings, which are slightly different to the Stagi, and this only added to my nervousness - however Mary soon put me at ease As all I had was one 45 minute lesson, what I wanted was Mary to look at my playing and give me tips on who I could improve my playing, which she did. I only wish that I lived near Tulla (her home town) so I could have lesson every week! As a teacher Mary is very patient and understanding, and very open and generous with her knowledge. For me, the most important thing I need to work on is to get the music flowing. I am still concertrating on each note and what is coming ahead, rather than looking at phrasing and the flow and rthythm of the tunes (I know that sound obvious, but it's wasn't for me until Mary pointed it out ) Mary also played a few tunes for me, which was fabulous, and showed me her playing style, which was also one of the things I really wanted to see. She uses very little bellows movement, and what movement there is comes from her wrists - something else I need to work on Overall I had a really great time, the lesson was fun and informative, and I came away from it with a lot to absorb (fortunately I had it all on tape so I can go over it again and again at a later date ) So if you are even in County Clare I definitely recommend you take the time to go to Tulla for a lesson - just be warned that none of the houses have are numbered, and I had to ask the local chemist/pharmasist to find Mary's house The big decision I now need to make is whether my next trip is back to County Clare for the Elizabeth Crotty Concertina festival or journey to the USA for the Noel Hill Concertina school! Cheers, Morgana
  3. I have a second copy of the "A Touch of Clare" CD by Kitty Hayes (Never played) that I would like to sell or trade. If you're interested, please drop me a line. Regards Morgana This CD has now been sold. Cheers, Morgana
  4. Hi Henk, Sounds very much like Custys Music Store, in Frances Street, Ennis. I finally met John (the guy who runs the shop) after many emails over the last year, whilst ordering CDs and the like (it's actually cheaper and quicker to order CDs directly from Ireland than it is to get them in via local stores). John was very patient and helpful, and let me try the three different Marcus concertinas which had just arrived, and it was great to be able to try out other concertina's that I'm not able to try at home (in Australia). Ireland is certainly a wonderful place, and I am particularly fond of County Clare (I didn't want to leave! ); so with only two weeks left in Ireland we are making the most of it, going to every music shop, and seeking out every session we can find. Then it's off to Scotland, where I've been warned concertinas are very few and far between... but I'm sure the counry will be beautiful regardless! Cheers, Morgana
  5. Hi all from Galway I am so excited! Last Tuesday my gorgeous hubby bought me a new concertina - a A.C. Norman 30 button C/G, (such a delight to play with it's smooth and easy action), and yesterday I had a lesson with Mary MacNamara in Tulla, County Clare, so already this trip has turned out to be sheer heaven! However I am surprised at the lack of concertina activity here in Ireland (although that could be due to my lack of knowing where to look). My new Norman concertina is the only one we have found so far for sale that is not a Stagi or a Horner (when I get back I'll post the circumstances of how we found it Anyway I just wanted to share my excitement! Thanks for listening/reading Cheers Morgana
  6. Hi, How do I access the messages that were posted in the old forum? With thanks Morgana
  7. I play concertina in a duo with my very talented friend Karen Huckle (on harp). We used to be a harp duo until I discovered the concertina..... Regards Morgana
  8. Whenever my husband and I take a long drive (I have family four hours drive away) I always take my concertina and play during the trip there (I am usually too tired on the way home). We are heading over the Ireland/Scotland in three weeks time for a driving holiday, and I am taking my concertina with me for that too... (Yes, my husband is a saint... he actually really likes to hear me play in the small confines of a car.... ) Regards Morgana
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