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  1. Hi everyone, hopeing someone can help me. I picked up my late 1920s Lachenal Anglo concertina for the first time in a long time, only to find that the A note on the bottom row of the right side is only a squeak and the bellows are very stiff and pulled want to be pulled much at all (and I certainly haven't tried to force it).


    My concertina has always been stored in a hard case, and I'm working if some fluff or cat hair has still managed to find it way in there. I do have David Elliot's Concertina Maintenance manual but to be completely honest I'm really reluctant to open up my concertina and do anything in case I make it worse.


    Can anyone please recommend someone that might be able to help me with repairs? (I'm in Melbourne, Australia) or someone who could help talk me through it via skype or the like? Now that life has settled down again I'd really like to get back in playing.


    All help appreciated. :)






    I've just come back to the Concertina after some years absence. :)


    Hello again, Morgana. I recall you as the inititator of some of the most interesting threads on the forum several years back, including of course your series of interviews (5 questions) with concertina notables. Welcome back.

    Thanks Stephen, good to be here :)


    No more interviews but my portfolio of concertina shots is slowly growing :D

  3. I started playing concertina is 2003 until approx 2008 when life took me in other directions. I have recently come back to it (and this forum :)


    I started on a Stagi, moving onto a Norman l picked up in Cork the same year on my first big OS trip :). My current concertina is a 1927 Lachanel Anglo l bought from Andy's Norman in 2005 and l love it. :)


    (Side note: attending the Arran Concertina Event in 2005 was definitely a highlight. Anyone still here that attended? :)

  4. For Sale: A P James Miniature Anglo Concertina in G and custom wooden box.


    Execellent condition, hardly ever played.


    You can see photos on the AP James website here.


    Price AUD$990 [aprrox GBP657] plus postage*


    [*Item currently located in Melbourne, Australia. Postage dependent on location.]



    Selling because it rarely gets played and deserves a good home. :)

  5. I was running around yesterday in Prahran [Melbourne Australia] yesterday and spotted a Lachenal 20 button Anglo for sale at the Prahran Bazaar for just under AUD $600.


    It looked like it was in reasonable condition although I have no idea of it's playing condition or the serial number as it was locked in a glass display cabinet.


    If anyone is interested, drop me a note and I'll send you more details on where exactly in the store it was [the Prahran Bazaar is huge].


    Hope this helps


    Morgana :)

  6. UPDATE: This lovely mini has been sold elsewhere, and is no longer available. Cheers.




    I bought this a lovely little concertina new in April 2006. Although it's lots of fun, with two other full-size concertinas, this little one has only been played a couple of times, and just doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    *Italian steel reeds in 'G'
    *Stainless steel ends/action/levers
    *7 fold Bellows made with individual card pieces
    *Measures 92mm across the flats
    *Birch ply protective box included
    *Maker's selling price £600 GBP (AUD$1500)

    My selling price: AUD$1350 plus postage (pick up in Melbourne, Australia also welcome).

    Further photos can be seen at: http://ptollemy.tripod.com/forsale/

    If you are interested in this lovely concertina or have any questions, please drop me a line: ptollemy@yahoo.com.au


    [Editd to fix typos]

  7. I didn't say that people who fancy a tatoo are necessarily associated with the gang of some sort.

    Then I'd be interested to hear what you meant by the statement: "Nowadays it's a sign of life long belonging to the mob, criminal gang, or anything that you can't choose to leave, once entered."


    A tatoo as a random adorenement is rather ridiculous, and I know people who pay dearly for it's removal later in life.

    I disagree with your assumtion that all tattoos not assocaited with a gang or criminal organisation are random. There are as many reasons for tattoos as there are tattoos themselves.


    Yes, some people do pay dearly for it's removal later; others are more than happy to keep them and maintain them.


    I'm just a bit concerned that concertina folks might follow accordion folks, where there is this idea that to be popular (?) with the young people (?), accordions must be hip, cool, hot, be played by punks, come in neon colors, and all this is good.

    Why be concerned? There seem to be many accordion and concertina players out there who are interested in neither. And so what if they are? Contrary to the stereotype *not* all punks are criminals, troublemakers, or the underdesirables your mother awarned you about. And not everyone who plays the concertina wants to stick the folk or traditional music.


    I'd say, concertinas are good not because they are played by punks, but exactly for the opposite reasons.

    So concertinas are now not good because one band member in a punk band has taken it up the instrument?


    In my opinion I think that it's great that someone wants to learn to play an instrument, no matter what their personal choice in music. And there certainly can never be too many concertina players.


    Kind regards


  8. Let me guess: most of reasonable people that play concertinas DON'T wear tatoos. Some, I guess, do.

    Yes indeed, some do.


    I'm kind of of the opinion that tatoo comes from criminal culture of today, where it got from clan culture of yersteryear.

    My mileage obviously differs as I have no affiliations with either cultures.


    A tatoo is a lifelong sign of belonging. One can't wash it off, as one can't betray the clan, as it was. Nowadays it's a sign of life long belonging to the mob, criminal gang, or anything that you can't choose to leave, once entered.

    And then there are those amongst us who don't belong to the mob, criminal gang, bikie gang, or any other negative stereotype you wish to name; who choose to get tattoos for our own personal reasons.


    The spread of tattoo fashion today I address to the spread of criminal sub-culture: rap and low oversized pants in the US (passive homosexual in the prison system), short haircut, prison slang in Russia. Most tatoos are of agressive nature, few concertina players tatoo concertinas on their chests.

    Most tattoos are *not* of an agressive nature. Most tattoos *that you are aware of* might be.


    Kind regards


  9. Hi Sam,


    It depends on what effect you want in your music. If you want a smooth transition from one note to the next (in an air or a waltz for example) then you would not release the button. However if you wanted to emphasis the note or are playing in a "bouncy" or staccato style, then you would release the button.


    Hope this helps,

    kind regards


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