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  1. Found a tedrow of my own, will call Bob Tedrow about his post, thanks everyone!
  2. Looking For The Tedrow Of My Dreams...which is a 30 button c/g anglo concertina, to be specific. I've been to Noel Hill's amazing school two years in a row, clutching my awful red plastic 30 button anglo concertina and doing my best with it...but I really need a better instrument. I'm a librarian in the San Francisco Bay Area (i.e., REALLY expensive place to live, and librarians don't get paid that much) and have been saving up since last summer...including selling my mother's wedding china (no joke, I really did) and now I'm looking for one. I tried a lot of different amazing concertinas at NHICS last year, and the one I loved was a Tedrow. I can't afford a new one, but I'm hoping someone out there has one that they are not using any more that needs a good home. Please contact me off list, at otterATotterlimitsDOTorg if you have one you want to discuss selling. thanks, otter
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