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  1. This is my first song a the C/G Morse Anglo (My other concertina is G/D and it takes some getting used to the different fingering and notes. There are mistakes This concertina was purchased from c.net's Charlie Gravel and the pretty basic and unadulterated version of Metsakukkia is dedicated to him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkM8phx6yB8
  2. Bob Michel, on 04 Feb 2015 - 11:10 AM, said:] Both of your arrangements are gorgeous and will be a had act for me to try to follow. Will have to get busy. I just played in my first contra dance last night so was preoccupied practicing for that!
  3. This kid is amazing ! I have been following him on YouTube since I got my concertina.Does anyone know how to get a hold of his recordings? His band is Itchy Fingers. He apparently is a concertina.net member but isn't active. Maybe someone across the pond knows him and can get him to post??
  4. Beautiful playing Bob! You make it look so easy.Love the tunes too.
  5. Traditional yarn or hybrid? Ha ha I now understand that was a trick question. You KNEW I knit up an Anglo Morse so you KNEW I had hybrid reeds. BUT it is knit with traditional wool not hybrid synthetic. This is a stump the chump question
  6. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I am going to digest them and work on them. It has been just one year since I have been playing the concertina, and I have only played at a few jams, so I am sure experience will help as well as your ideas.
  7. I was playing in a session last night with some friends-we had a fiddle, hammered dulcimer, guitar, bass, and me on my anglo concertina. A reliable source, (my husband:)) said that my concertina was often too loud, overpowering the other instruments. I would like some tips as to how to play more softly. I really could not detect that I was playing too loudly. Should I play fewer notes?No chords? Don't use as much bellows? But then I lose the rhythm of the Anglo. I'd appreciate any advice.
  8. Well ,I will need to defer the knitting across rows question to any irish players since they are known for their complex knitting patterns, but absolutely traditional wool, no hybrid synthetics, sorry.
  9. Hi Daria, the picture didn't come through. I'm guessing it's either a wooly hat or a scarf... Sorry Alex I reposted it under its own thread -see concertina hat. I will send you pattern in next day or so. Did you make the earrings using a laser printer? What metal did you use?
  10. Knit this up to brave the sub zero(F) weather we are having here in the Pennsylvania mountains. Concertina hat-all systems. This is a Morse anglo G/D of course. PM me if you want the pattern. I will write it out in the next day or so.
  11. I whipped this up to brave our sub zero(F) weather this week in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Would go nicely with the concertina earrings! PM me if you want the pattern
  12. Really nice playing! Love your renditions of both the tunes and I especially like your back up guitar and mandolin.
  13. I was working on Galway Hornpipe, learned from a CD by Hugh and Colm Healy that I got for Christmas and the theme of the month turns out to be hornpipes. (Pardon my son the guitarist- he would only accompany me if I let him wear the mask -not sure why ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOLvNkmdhNM
  14. Here is my attempt at Bourree d'Aurore Sand in Dm. http://youtu.be/CR_NFXNRvcI Would appreciate comments about tempo - not sure if I am too fast or too slow for a bourree(probably erratic but that is just me:() Morse G/D Anglo
  15. Really nice playing! I love your bass run -really sounds cool. I am just working in my version in Dm and wonder why I didn't learn in in Am like you.
  16. I think that the sound of the concertina in this tune is reminiscent of a pipe organ. I am continually amazed at the big sound that such a little instrument can make! Lo,How a rose E'er Blooming . First time through Jody Kruskal's arrangement. Second time through is my own. Morse G/D Anglo
  17. Would highly recommend Buttonbox Morse. Wonderful instruments with a smooth and easy action. I started with a Stagi Wheatstone and switched to Jeffries. It was not difficult and Buttonbox makes them to order so you can select whichever one you want. Good luck.
  18. Very nice job. It was a struggle for me to learn too. And now we know what hambos are!
  19. I had no idea what a hambo was until this TOTM. (thought it was a type of soup ) It was REALLY hard for me to play this on my G/D Anglo in Dm but here it is: https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer
  20. You're making amazing progress on that Morse G/D! Thanks so much. This TOTM forum has been such a good learning tool for me.
  21. I have never played in the Irish style, and am not certain what it entails. I just played this melody only and tried to keep a good rhythm.Hope this qualifies as "Irish Style":) https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer/merrily-kiss-the-quaker-3 My second Irish selection I played in my usual harmonic style. I tried to have my Anglo G/D concertina sound like bagpipes. The song is often played much faster, but Ken Kolodner plays it on the hammered dulcimer in a slow , melodic style that I tried to emulate. It is the March of the King of Laois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUdgFzgN10o
  22. I just love your version. I am trying to work up a version for my G/D Anglo and have been listening to your rendition to get some ideas. Thanks for posting.
  23. Really nice job Wolf! I am still working on my submission . It is a hard key for me to play in .Thanks for the inspiration.
  24. Sorry for the posting problem. I was tired of being known as a number on Soundcloud so I changed my soundcloud to my name. Hopefully this will work. https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer/crested-hens
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