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  1. Never thought the concertina being played six inches from one's ear would lull one to sleep, but it worked like a charm for Molly. Blind Mary GD Anglo Morse https://youtu.be/iVC547tLvtw
  2. Oh yes, a cimbalom is a type of hammered dulcimer. Tuning different but quite similar in appearance and tone. Thank you for your comments.
  3. Meeting of Frosty Dulcimer Friends (Danville, Pa) monthly Jam Session with 2 concertina players in attendance. Fanny Power with c.net Bob(RWL) on English Concertina and Daria on Hammered Dulcimer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKuF9fSXlQI Looks like this is concertina/hammered dulcimer month. Several postings with both instruments featured!
  4. Very nice! ! I just bought your "75 Irish SessionTunes "book and have been working my way through it. It is very helpful and shows me smoother than I had been doing on my own. I highly recommend the book!
  5. Here is my attempt-I wonder if I have too much going on in the left hand that it detracts from the melody ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnYvA-i9kC4&feature=youtu.be Morse Anglo GD Bm PS Bob(RWL)this does NOT get you off the hook for our duet recording scheduled for later this month!
  6. You might want to take a skype lesson from Jody Kruskal. He is a great teacher and can show you chords and accompaniment.He provides chord charts with his lessons that will help alot.
  7. Love the combination of tunes Wolf, good upbeat music to get my day going!
  8. I first heard this song last year at a workshop given by Pascal Gemme of the Quebecois group Genticorum . He said it was from an animated documentary called Crac! by Frederic Back, which chronicles the history of Quebec through the eyes of a rocking chair. The soundtrack was done by the group Le Reve du Diable and the film won an Oscar in the 80s Here is the film- entire soundtrack is traditional Quebecois music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsWU-nksQWA And here is my meager attempt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2z8mprBtlA
  9. I am just trying to learn the song Old Molly Hare ,in honor my my new granddaughter, Molly, and believe it is the same tune. Does anyone know ? Your playing is wonderful Alan. I really like your descending bass line and plan to try something similar. Thanks for posting.
  10. I saw this on Gearoid Ohallmhurain's website. He is offering concertina workshops in July . http://ccepotomac.org/MADWeek/cce-madweekhome.html
  11. I saw this on Gearoid Ohallmhurain's website. He is offering concertina workshops in July . http://ccepotomac.org/MADWeek/cce-madweekhome.html oops sorry put it in wrong thread and don't know how to delete it
  12. Here is my version. Normally would have tried it on my GD but was travelling and only had the CG Anglo so used that. I dedicated my meager version to Charlie Gravel, whom I bought it from. I thought it was a fitting dedication since he died last month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOmqjj-Yv7Q
  13. Highly recommend The Buttonbox, They have a great upgrade policy. I started on a Stagi which I found difficult to play and would not recommend, and they took it back as a trade in at almost the sticker price when I upgraded to a Morse. Great folks to work with too.
  14. Finally getting around to learning this tune-getting in under the end of month wire. The advantage to being late is I got to listen to the other submissions and use David Barnert's excellent suggestion of using an E chord as secondary dominant at end of first section. This song was very user friendly for the Anglo, I suppose since it is bouncy. If the current TOTM voting is predictive, I suspect next month's selection(if it is Da Slockit Licht) will be anglo challenged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps44MSqoU4U
  15. Very nicely done Wolf. Looking forward to hearing some more soon.
  16. I wasn't going to post this, but you forced my hand. (very nice, by the way). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68325595/C.net%20Tune%20of%20the%20Month/maxwell2.MP3 At Morris practice recently they were doing Bampton stepping practice, and I started playing this quietly. It sort of works. In a manner of speaking. Maxwell's Silver Hammer as a Morris tune. That sounds great Jim- I think I will steal your version! Actually this is one time I am glad I don't sing. Nice song but bizarre lyrics.
  17. I wanted to get this arrangement finished before a retirement party I went to a few weeks ago. It never made it and still isn't there, but here is a first go. Any advice as to how to not make my bellows sound like I am drowning when I need to release the air hole would be appreciated. Subtlety of bellows control is obviously not one of my strengths When I'm Sixty Four by the Beatles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2k_fBPwLe8 Anglo GD Morse
  18. I heard this tune about a month ago at a concert in Philadelphia by the young Irish group Full Set . I liked the song, but didn't get the name. The only thing I heard in the title was "Horse" and that it was written by an accordion player from Chicago .So I typed in "horse, accordion, Chicago" and bingo, first hit on the list was "Horse Keane's Hornpipe" by Jimmy Keane. Horse was his father - I presume he either looked like a horse, worked with horses, or liked the racetrack... Here it is on my Morse Anglo CG. I am trying to play it in an Irish style, throwing in occasional ornamentation, but definitely a WIP https://youtu.be/xDiGH9Ki-eY
  19. Both of your versions are great Bob love the visuals too. I didn't vote for it but am glad it won and am looking forward to learning it.
  20. Not working for me. Wants me to log in, I'm guessing to your Google account. (Note the word "edit" in the web address. I don't want to edit; I only want to view/listen.) I think you need to check and correct the link address. I'm looking forward to when it works. OK, will you check it now? I reloaded it a different way
  21. Here is my instrumental version. Some glitches in middle. This was a fun song to do. I tried to get a calypso type of rhythm using my left hand. https://youtu.be/h69WADgeWDI
  22. really nice job Stefan! you should post more. I love your back up too.
  23. Here is a nice 2 part harmony dots that I was working from .Better late than never:) Metsakukkia3_2 part.pdf
  24. Nice job Toffie. I started to try to do TOTM a few months after I started to play the concertina,about a year ago. It is a great teaching tool. I it makes me learn keys and chords and tunes that I would not normally seek out. Keep up the nice work.
  25. Nice playing Wolf. It is interesting to see the different interpretations that show up isn't it? I found my version in book of tunes from northern Wisconsin, so apparently the Finnish settlers brought it over with them.
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