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  1. If you have a store that sells camera bags, there are many nicely padded bags available for cameras that would fit the 18 button mini. I know. I had one and gave it away just before getting my Valentina! too bad for me! I went to the German concertina site it looks like SO much fun! I would love to attend sometime!
  2. Thank you Matthew, but I am not that kind of a girl! The chart is printed and sitting on my desk next to my Rubix cube. In time it will make more sense to me, and indeed I was able to try a few of the listed triangular chords but I am far from using it at this point. Mike is right: for now I need something that resembles what I am using. I have not seen a chart like this one Matthew and I am very glad you thought of it for me. I will try it eventually as I grow, so thanks for that. I believe I can use this as a guide by taking the center note out as Johanna suggests. Again, thanks a lot. For now: Johanna to the rescue! What a great tip! I tried these and was immediately transported to a concert hall of sound. (Well, not til tonight. I am rehearsing for the Lord Nelson Mass, and, for a Winter concert with my classical rep companies). Actually I was able to make SOME of the two note chords ... THAT is what I have looking for! To be certain that I have got it right: (Using the LEFT hand for example) We are talking about pressing GC vertically with one finger. Not EG. Is it possible to use the Horizontal two notes as well? Seems a waste not to do so, but I just got here so I bow to your wisdom. I was already able to try a bit of I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger. Much richer sound ... Now if I can only figure out the vertical/horizontal thing for certain I'll be on my way. Thanks Johanna and all.
  3. ERRATA: It was NOT a chord chart it was a NOTE chart that came with my 18 button concertina.
  4. Hello Matthew, Thanks for the info. I have spoken with the folks from which I bought my 18 button mini and they are shipping me some thinner leather that will be more supple and flexible for my small hands. I believe that will work. Also, I saw that someone uses a dremel (a fast spinning sanding tool) to modify their instrument, not that I would EVER do that, but I might try it on my leathers to make the hard leather more supple. If I do that I will post a before and after picture. Matthew you said something that really caught my attention: CHORDS for the mini!! Do you know where I can find a chart? If you yourself know chords that are useful with the min 18 button, I would certainly be pleased to find out about them! I want to be able to learn enough to use the instrument solo but especially with others as a backup player!! What can I find out about those chords? If I get them I can make charts like the ones I made from a handwritten chord chart that came with my 18 button concertina, Valentina! I also made additional charts, handy for when folks are first peckin' out a tune so that they can circle the note they choose as they discover it. Here they are attached. 18 Button English Mini Concertina.pdf 18 Button English Mini G-Chart.pdf 18 Button English Mini D-Chart.pdf 18 Button English Mini F-Chart.pdf
  5. I posted of a PDF chart for the 18 button concertina. I started a new topic for it. Perhaps I should have posted that here.
  6. This chart was originally handwritten by Dennis Gentofte and enclosed in the muslin concertina bag with my 18 button Hohner English concertina. It shows the 18 button concertinas right and left hand buttons and 3 scales. I have made it available for anyone who would like to have it. Many thanks to Dennis, and this forum. 18 Button English Mini Concertina.pdf
  7. The information and exercises are great! I KNOW this will help a lot! Thanks!!
  8. Christian, I saw both of those ergonomic videos. It seems to be a great answer though it must add great weight to an already enormous machine! However, I see that the knee bears the instruments weight so use of his hands are quite free and easy. Thanks.
  9. David and Mike, " I thank [you both! For your ] exuberant support of the arts and music in general and ... for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments and my own obsessive – even nutty! (and growing worse) – need to play the concertina in particular." I really enjoyed reading this fascinating and detailed history, especially about Wheatstone's amazing and illustrious background, and, about the Victorian (my favorite time period) history and background of my personal new obsession: Valentina, my concertina. Eve
  10. Got a call back from the Button Box about my finger leathers. I explained that they appear to be a problem for me, and that I was not sure, but thought it was due to my small hands and the ergonomics of my 18 button Hohner Mini concertina. I also told them that I did NOT want to return it! And needed them to help me figure out the problem. The person I talked to was VERY accommodating. He said we could just chat it out and discuss our ideas during the call. He had been thinking about my email and said that he himself found the mini leathers to be stiff and resistant. He offered to send me much softer leathers that might maintain the position I need but yield more easily and be more flexible for me. What a revelation! I totally agreed. He assured me that these leathers were NOT originally designed for this use but felt that they would serve my purposes adequately. He is sending them to my via first class mail. Johanna, if you are picking this up, I want you to know that your recommendation to the Button Box was worth its weight in gold. I can't imagine a more perfect instrument purchasing partner than the Button Box. Mike Franch said he had a fine, long relationship with the excellent service at the Button Box. I am so happy to agree. Dennis, I told him I have totally bonded with Valentina and mentioned that you told me about her history, adding that I, too, was former circus. I could hear his voice smiling as he replied that he had spoken to you and heard her history himself. This is a great community. The support here has proved to be immediately important to me, for my art. Thank you all, and too, to the organizers of concertina.net. My very best regards to all and best wishes, Eve
  11. If I could ever figure out what you were talking about. Where can I read a sort of primer on these modes. It actually sounds like it might be interesting ...
  12. I thought I had replied! Please see my post under ladyhealer. It is a direct reply to Blue eyed Sailor's post.
  13. Hello! I am listening to your Barbara Allen. I love it! I frankly have never heard this tune for this song before and I am delighted!! I sing many of the Child ballads. This was so refreshing and delightful!! Well SUNG my new friend! Truly well sung ... Oh! I just got to the ending and that was great! I am grinning from ear to ear! So glad I came upon this post! I am new to the site, having just purchased an 18 button Hohner concertina, just recently on Valentines Day, (hence her name: 'Valentina'). The English is new to me, but I am getting the hang of it ... very worried about hurting THUMBS though! Anyway, I will give that tune a try on my Hohner or my 20 button German and see what I come up with!! I will post it here when I do! Thanks for an entertaining time! Eve
  14. I found that I had a leather, single shoulder pouch that fits Valentina well. It has several pockets so I can preserve Dennis' note chart, and the muslin bag, pens and a notebook.
  15. I found that I had a leather, single shoulder pouch that fits Valentina well. It has several pockets so I can preserve Dennis' note chart, and the muslin bag, pens and a notebook.
  16. Are there any other workshops for EC/18button miini. Even as a Skype class? I would like to learn how to form cords on my new mini. Thanks.
  17. Gentlemen! I appreciate your assistance! Thanks. I have been playing better and better in just one day once I figured out that my pinkie is so short it threw my whole hand off ergonomically. I can barely reach two or three buttons (I just measured it and it is a whopping TWO inches long from base to tip!). Now that I am using the next finger in the leathers, (yes, I mean the loops! Everything is perfectly well balanced, not heavy and REACHABLE! What a difference! The other amazing thing was reading Dennis' fingering chart and realizing that the notes run from one hand to the other (CDEFGABC). By George I think I've got it!
  18. I just received my EC 18 button Hohner and I found out that my small hands kept me from using my pinkies. The next finger allows only two free to play with but it is now PERFECTLY ergonomically correct for me and a breeze to play. Maybe it would make sense and be useful for some folks to experiment as I did.
  19. Wow!! I figured out my 18 button Hohner Concertina and I have been tentatively playing a bunch of tunes!!! It is marvelous, mellow and sweet! It turned out that My pinkies are too short for the leathers but the next finger is fine! It. Limits me to two fingers on each hand but the orientation is now PERFECT and doing a little research helped me to discover that the scales go from one side to the other! Ta Da! Yay!!!
  20. Hmmm ... The leathers are very awkward for me. It almost seems that the buttons are way back BEHIND my finger reach! Any tips?
  21. Introducing: Concertina Valentina! HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY EVERYBODY!
  22. Johanna! SHE's HERE!!! I am very excited to say that I found Dennis' handwritten chart in the muslin kit bag with her! It is exciting to find that this is the little gem with the funny (clown) history. I will take my time in finding her a name. This little 18 button. Hohner has surprised me. She is not particularly loud and has a lovely mellow tone. The BUTTON BOX will be my go to online store for any future purchases. If I had not found Dennis' chart, I would have thought this instrument was brand new. It is so clean and shiny, the action is sort of stiff for a used instruments and the leathers appear to be brand new. I may have to change the leathers to go fully across my hand. I am happy to have received my concertina on Valentine's Day ... The name 'Concertina Valentina' seems entirely appropriate! Thanks EVERYONE! Thank's for the chart Dennis!!
  23. Dennis, What goes around ... for some time, I myself was featured artist for the Universoul Circus and insured by World Clown Association. Small world. I am very happy to know my little 'Tina's story. I just received word that my delivery is due to the mucky storm we have got here. Stormy weather! Thanks again Dennis.
  24. By the way, I listened to Shanandoah Run doing Peaceful Easy Feeling. Was that you Johanna? It was great!
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